Adelaide Bank Festival of Arts 2013

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When: March 3 to 19, 2013

Where: Adelaide, South Australia


Sir Lloyd Dumas is largely considered as the father of Adelaide Bank Festival of Arts (March) who organized the affair in 1958. His idea was to celebrate Adelaide as the cultural nerve center of Southern Australia (which it is, thanks to its huge population of immigrants and ethnic minorities along with the aboriginal Kaurna tribe) by creating an event similar to that of the world-famous Edinburgh International Festival.

The Adelaide Bank Festival of Arts (March) was named as such because the very first sponsors of the event were some of the city’s most prominent banks and financial centers, most notably the Bank of Adelaide. But directorship was assumed by the academe led by the University of Adelaide and assisted by the Artistic Director of the Edinburgh International Festival at the time, Ian Adelaide Bank Festival of Arts 2013

The inaugural festival was launched on March 12 to 26, 1960, celebrating almost all art forms, from literature, performance arts, art exhibits, dance and music. To date, the festival has created spin-offs that are equally well-crafted and hugely attended. WOMADelaide and the Adelaide Fringe Festival are just some of the more popular chips off the old artistic block.

About the Event

The opening ceremonies of the Adelaide Bank Festival of Arts (March) have been regularly held in the Elder Park, while the rest of the events are scheduled to take place in the River Torrens, the North Terrace, and the Adelaide Festival Center. Similar to the Edinburgh similar, only with a thick Australian flavor, the festival celebrates artists from various genres: modern and classical opera, contemporary and classical music and dance, theater, cabaret, literature and new media (this includes the more modern digital arts).

The festivities are scheduled to run from March 3 to 19, 2013 in the aforementioned areas and parklands in Adelaide. Visitors and art lovers can expect performances from world-renowned guests, national artists, and local up-and-coming acts who are not given other avenues to express their art forms. As a result, the arts festival becomes a discovery ground for local talent who may not have found mainstream audience using other platforms.

Travel Tips

The Adelaide Bank Festival of Arts (March) is one of the most highly anticipated art events in Southern Australia, so book well ahead of time for accommodation and transport. Adelaide has its own healthy share of travelers and tourists outside of the arts festival season, and the month of March is undeniably one of the busiest in the city’s foot traffic. Wear comfortable clothing and footwear to explore the pedestrian-friendly city where venues are strategically set up in close proximity to one another.


The Adelaide Bank Festival of Arts (March) should be on every art aficionado’s bucket list, especially as an equally colorful substitute to Edinburgh International Festival.

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