Adelaide Fringe Festival 2013

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Adelaide Fringe Festival 2013

When it happens: Late February to mid-March(22 February – 17 March, 2013)

 Where it happens: Adelaide, South Australia


The Adelaide Fringe Festival 2013 was started in 1960 as an alternative venue for local artists who are not given mainstream attention in the Adelaide Festival of the Arts.

The festival grew to modest proportions in the following years. In 1964, 52 art exhibitions and performances were accepted in the festival, and it would be 10 more years before the festival itself will be ‘legitimized.’ This first official edition led to a change in the festival name to ‘Focus’ in 1975 with the goal of bringing “focus” into the development of this subculture.

Twenty two years later, the festival grew to 86 acts performed in over 50 venues; 56 exhibitions (visual arts) were shown to the public and shared in the larger metropolitan area.

In 1988, the organizers brought international artists into this local affair, itself gaining global attention from artists in UK and Pacific region. The event really tool up in the late 1990s and earned a reputation as an Australian, and not just an Adelaide, cultural event. Several years earlier, the affair was renamed “Adelaide Fringe.”

As of last count, crowd attendance was 1.45 million, a festival record.

About the Event:

While the Adelaide version sounds like the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the former has a distinctly Australian flavor that sets it apart from other similar festivities. But in the same spirit, Adelaide Fringe Festival 2013 is a free-for-all artistic event where alternative talents can showcase their acts before a mainstream audience.

Next year, the 24-day affair is going to showcase 800 performances, events and exhibits in various venues like parks and laneways, and yes, even in warehouses and abandoned buildings. The point of the festival is, regardless of location, to give artists, both upcoming and established, a venue with which to share their talent and contribute to the development and evolution of the city’s art scene.

This means that travelers can catch the freshest (and oddest) art ideas from paintings and sculptures and creations exhibited, an important source of inspiration for budding artists themselves.

The festivities are scheduled to begin on February 22 through March 17 in various locations in Adelaide, South Australia.

 Travel Tips:

Most of the shows are held in the evening so travelers can explore the city in daytime. Adelaide itself is a bustling metropolis with smart transit systems and clean, leafy and well-laid out boulevards. The city is best explored on bicycles, especially in the central business district.

Artistically inclined travelers would find the Adelaide Fringe Festival a must-do in their bucket list, because the fest itself is an opportunity where they can be totally their creative selves without being outcast by mainstream audience.

The dates for Adelaide Fringe Festival  in 2014 expected to be in 21 February – 16 March 2014

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