Ajanta Ellora Festival 2013

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Ajanta Ellora Festival 2013

When it happens:  Late January 2013(Date yet to be confirmed)

Where it happens: Aurangabad, Maharashtra,India


  • The Ajanta and Ellora caves, discovered in the early 19th century, are celebrated Indian rock cut architecture. Discovered by British officers, the ‘caves’ were actually monolithic sculptures, chiseled out of Sahyadri/Chamadri Hills by 7000 laborers over a period of 150 years.
  • The cave systems were constructed in 600-1000 A.D., and some say as early as 200 B.C., and were a focal point of three faiths: Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. As such, there are temples, paintings and works of art inside these structures that speak of the diverse religious legacy of Aurangabad (named after the expansionist Moghul emperor of India, Aurangzeb), once along the commercially important trade route, the Silk Road.
  • The caves yield myriad clues about the level of skills of artisans at the time, their way of life seen on ornaments carved and paintings on the wall, and the prevailing customs of the time.
  • The Ajanta Ellora Festival 2013 is intended to celebrate these religious and architectural legacies, along with the music and dance culture unique to this part of the Indian continent.
  • The Ajanta Ellora Caves have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1983.


About the Festival:

  • Travelers are hitting two birds with one stone when they travel to Aurangabad, Maharashtra, on the occasion of the Ajanta Ellora Festival 2013 scheduled on January 26. They will be seeing some astounding ancient rock architecture important to three major religions in India, and attending a cultural event rich in regional tapestry of music and dance.
  • The four-day festival is held in the 17th century Soneri Mahal so travelers can later on take to the surrounding cave systems and explore and take in the sights. But on the occasion of the festivities itself, nationally renowned musicians and dancers are going to provide entertainment and a glimpse into the rich history of the region. Indian classical art will be performed by some of the best names and acts in the country. Ballet performances, folk dances, flute recitals, mandolin numbers and Sufi performances (think Whirling Dervishes) are going to be the highlights of the event.
  • The venue will of course be lined with Indian antiques, arts and crafts, folk arts, and cuisine unique to the region.

 Travel Tips

Pack comfortable walking shoes or hiking boots, as these will be required to get into the cave interiors. The temples, however, are considered holy grounds, so be prepared to have your footwear removed when entering them.

There are 41 caves in all, and some travelers get to see similarities after seeing a dozen of caves or so. Although this might be the case at first glance, each cave has something unique to offer, so take time in taking in all there is to see and appreciate. UNESCO World Heritage Sites tend to be eroded by human traffic over the years, so the more you enjoy leisurely taking in the sites, the better your chances of relishing them when they are eroded – and no longer as grand – by the constant flow of tourists.

Tickets for the Ajanta Festival:

Tickets  for this event will be available from 19th January 2013 .The Price  range of tickets is expected to be between  25 to 600 INR.  The Tickets are also available in the MTDC office(Tourism office) in the city.

Final Thoughts:

The Ajanta Ellora Festival 2013 is an excellent introduction right into the heart of Indian culture and religious beliefs, so be prepared to be overwhelmed.

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