Area79 Music, Arts and Adventure Festival

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Area 79 Music Festival   ̶  The Outdoor Adventure

When it happens:  October, 2012 (Dates are to be announced later)

Where it happens:  The Kikar Lodge, near Ropar, Punjab(India)

                Area 79 Music Festival is held on the property named Area 79, at the Kikar Lodge, near Ropar in Punjab, which is developed to cater to the growing need for a fun and adventurous outdoor experience. The event is aimed to give the Indian audience a sense of international experience of lifestyles and cultures.

              Area79 Music, Arts and Adventure Festival was originally planned to be held in March but it has been postponed to the last week of October. The festival will be filled with music, arts, and adventure  ̶  all of which will take place at the private Himalayan forest reserve, the Kikar Lodge. The Kikar Lodge is located around 320 kilometers from Delhi and it takes about a 4 to 5 hours drive. To get a pass, there are registrations online. However, to keep the festivities safe from potential unwanted predicaments, minors aren’t allowed to take part in the event. But they shouldn’t worry for they will be welcome to join the festivities once they’re old enough.

Tons of activities and excitement are to be expected during the Area 79 Music Festival. Aside from arts, culture, and adventure activities, there will be performers from all corners of the globe who will come to entertain. The genre of musical performances will vary  ̶  from classical Indian music to various modern musical genres such as jazz, techno, and rock and roll. It is without a doubt that you will be grooving to the sounds and the beats, reveling to the unique and awesome outdoor experience.

Of course, a festival isn’t complete without food. There will be international food and beverage stalls as well as yoga and healing booths. And what’s an adventure without action-packed activities? To send some surge of adrenaline, sports such as quad biking will definitely keep the fun running. Paint balling and rock climbing would also add more to the fun.

Even at night, the fun never stops there. Night safaris will most definitely give the thrills and excitement because the spirit of adventure never sleeps. There is fun and excitement from day to night. This event is a perfect opportunity to kick back and relax and enjoy the groove of the outdoors filled with that certain soul food – music. You will be rocking and banging your head hard to rock music or feel the soothing ambiance of jazz or pop as the day fades into a cold night. But it won’t cold; for you will be soaked with sweat from the excitement and thrills of the night activities in stored.

With music, dancing, food, sports, and other cultural activities, the Indian audience and guests would surely appreciate the Indian culture more  ̶  keeping their culture intact while being open to the world’s changes over time. Of course, everyone would develop more appreciation to the great outdoors. Area 79 Music Festival shows that you don’t need to be under a roof to have as much fun and excitement.

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