Assumption day 2012: Fact or Fiction?

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Assumption day: Fact or Fiction?

Celebrated on the 15th of August, Assumption day is marked as the day when Virgin Mary was assumed to be taken to heaven. According to the Christians, when Mary died, her body and soul were entered to heaven. The day is celebrated in various countries such as France, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Ecuador, etc. There is a national holiday in some countries, while some countries consider it as a normal day and continue with the daily routine. Most of the Christians visit church on the day. For the calendar of 2012, the day will be celebrated on Friday, 12th August, 2012.


After the end of 4th century, one bishop revealed that there was uncertainty about the death of Virgin Mary, but despite that, most of the Christians celebrate the day.  Since that time, The Christians called the day as Feast of Our Lady of the Harvest in Europe.

Asunción, the capital city of Paraguay, has been named in honor of the Assumption day. It was earlier founded on 15th August 1537. The people of Republic of Malta celebrate the day with great anticipation.

The day shows the belief that the mother of Jesus had somewhat indifferent case of physically decaying. She was taken to heaven where her body and soul re united.

Importance of the Day

Many Catholic and Orthodox Christians find great importance of the day. They label as the Heavenly Birthday of Virgin Marry. They view as the accomplishment if Jesus promises to enter all the Christians to Heaven.

Earlier, for centuries the day was celebrated in honor of Isis, the goddess of the sea. According to mythology, Isis of the Sea was born on the same day. The Christian leaders thought that by introducing it as a Christian holiday was the best way to stop the pagan ritual. That was the time the Assumption day was introduced.

How it is Celebrated

The people of Italy celebrate the day by making colorful processions through the street. The Italian-American communities produce some of the most breath taking fireworks on the occasion. In the rural areas around the Italian capital, a bowing procession takes place. A group of people carry the statue of Virgin Marry through flowers. Another group of people awaits the arrival with the statue of Jesus. As the statues come close to each other, they are inclined towards each other thrice and then the statue of Mary is taken back for special benediction.

In Brazil, the ceremony is named as Nosa Senhora dos Navegantes. Canoes are decorated and accompanied with captain, purser, musicians and rowers. The pageants displayed by them are truly remarkable. Travelling through small villages is a part of their entertainment.

Sometime back, people in Italy started sprinkling rose scented water on themselves. They rode through the flooded plazas to the carriages. It represented a pagan ritual by which the gods were petitioned to grant rainfalls for the betterment of crops. The day has utmost importance in France as well. It’s a holiday around the country. Since 1638, she has been identified as the patron saint in the country.

Some of the ancient celebration of the day includes bonfires and illuminations in Italy. Commonly, the sun is illuminated in the celebrations. In some cultures, people throw coins in the street out of the windows. Some people even associate the day with symbolic images of Mary and the incident of assumption in the heaven.

The day is also associated with Blue color. Blue is often associated with Mary as it represents truth, the sky, clarity. Lily is associated to Virgin Mary as well as it shows the purity, simplicity and chastity.


The day has utmost importance among the Christians, and they believe it as one of the events of fulfillment of the promise that Jesus made with them. Different cultures celebrate the day in different ways. However, some Christians are not sure about the event as well.

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