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When: Last weekend of September(expected to be 30th Sept 2012)

Where: Brooklyn, New York City, USA


The borough of Brooklyn in New York City has been, and continues to be, the melting pot of multiculturalism in the United States. Many ethnic enclaves can be found here, starting with the Dutch, who first settled in mid-17th century on this western end of the Long Island. They called the village “Breuckelen” after a province in Utrecht, Netherlands. Italians, Greeks, Hispanics, Asians and Pacific Islanders, and a multitude of other cultures like Jewish and Russian, have since formed neighborhoods of their own, upholding Brooklyn’s distinct culture even after it was annexed by New York in 1898.

To celebrate this collage of heritage in Brooklyn, the Atlantic Avenue Local Development Corporation held a fair in 1974 and built on the successes of those first celebrations. Since then, the Atlantic Antic 2012 has evolved into a festival second only in size and attendance to another Brooklyn festival, the Labor Day Carnival.

The festivities have always been held each fall except during the September 11 attacks. The celebrations are held in the centrally located artery of Brooklyn, the Atlantic Avenue.

The activities are carried on rain or shine, although local historians note that it has never rained during the actual day of the festival since it was first celebrated.

About the Event:

The Atlantic Antic 2012 is dubbed as one of Big Apple’s biggest festivals yet one that is well-kept secret. The “street festival to end all street festivals” is indeed one of Brooklyn’s highlights, gathering more than 600 vendors and a million attendees as of last count.

On September 30, the Atlantic Avenue, from Hicks Street to Fourth Avenue, will be turned into a mile-long sea of entertainment and foodie paradise with everything for everyone.

This 4-block section of Brooklyn artery will feature local and national vendors and participants who will offer eclectic cuisine and ethnic delicacies, arts and crafts, live performances from various cultural genres, retail therapy, and a block-dedicated for face painting, pony rides, storytelling and everything kid-friendly.

Festivities start at noon and end at 6PM, rain or shine.

 Travel Tips:

Travelers can plan side trips during the Atlantic Antic 2012 festivities: They can climb aboard the 1917 bus at the New York Transit Museum, or explore Brooklyn Height’s historic district to see 19th-century brownstones that were built in various styles. Architecture aficionados will appreciate well-kept Victorian Gothic, Romanesque, neo-Greco and Italianate structures that are testament to how culturally diverse this part of New York is.

 Final Thoughts:

Brooklyn is not only one of the densest boroughs in New York, it is also denser than any other American metropolis in terms of ethnic minorities per square kilometer. The Atlantic Antic 2012 Festival is therefore an excellent opportunity to experience the hotspot of melting pot that is New York City in a compressed timeframe. Travelers will get to experience more ethnic sights, sounds and flavors in 6 hours than in any other event in New York.

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