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Enjoying the Island Continent in the Australian Grand Prix 2013

When: March 14 to 17 2013
Melbourne, Australia

Formula one 2013 Date: The Australian Grand Prix 2013 is an annual event that takes place in Melbourne, Australia. It will be held between the 14th and the 17th day of March. However, the dates are still subject to changes by the FIA. It is the first round of the Formula One World Championships since it is the first race to take place ever since. It became part of the world Championships in 1985 when the race was held in Adelaide as the last race of the season. In 1196, the race was transferred to a permanent race circuit and Melbourne and has garnered 410,000 visitors.

Formula one 2013 schedule:
• Day One:
Friday, 15 March 2013 – Practice Day
• Day Two:
Saturday, 16 March 2013 – Qualifying Day
• Day Three:
Sunday, 17 March 2013 – Race Day

Formula one 2013 Circuit: For the Australian Grand Prix 2013, the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit in Albert Park Lake will be used. It is located a few kilometres away from central Melbourne and is used annually as a race track for other support races along with the Australian Grand Prix. The circuit has a smooth circuit and has a body of water near the circuit. It offers a fast course and an easy drive. The consistent placement of corners allows drivers to learn the circuit easily as well as achieve competitive wins. However, the flat terrain and few true straights of the track make it difficult and unfavourable for spectators.

melbourne circuit Australian Grand Prix 2013 Melbourne,

Expected in Formula one 2013: The Australian Grand Prix 2013 is one of the many sports events that people will be looking forward to. It will be participated with many famous race drivers including the German Michael Schumacher and Australian race driver Lex Davison. The current sponsor of the Australian Grand Prix 2013 is Qantas, the Australian Airline.

In addition to the racing event, there is so much more to see in Australia that you cannot find in any country’s natural setting. The fauna and flora in the country is unique to the island continent. Some of the animal icons that you can see naturally in Australia are koalas and kangaroos. A visit of the country is incomplete with having the chance to see these two in their natural habitat.

There are also a number of landmarks that are famous all over the world such as the red centre in Uluru and the Opera House and Harbour Bridge in Sydney. Australia has also very beautiful beaches. You should not miss going to Surfers Paradise or Bondi Beach for surf. Moreover, Australia is famous for bushwalking in the parks or rainforests. In conclusion, you can enjoy nature at its best in Australia.

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Where to stay during your travel to Melbourne,

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