Austria Public Holidays 2012 Calendar

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Austria calendar 2012

New Year – the year starts with a feast. People have a reason to enjoy right one week after the Christmas. This day is celebrated on January 1st.

Epiphany this is marked as an official holiday in the whole Austria. The day is celebrated in there remembrance of a religious event and it is termed as commemoration day of catholic. It is also observed by many other communities. The day commences on January 06 2012.

Valentine´s Day – this day is affiliated to a historical event when saint valentine delivered his wishes to her love. This was the day of death of valentine and people celebrate the occasion on 14th February.

Liebstattsonntag – this holiday is enjoyed in the limited areas and people from some communities enjoy this day. The day is marked as commemoration day for catholic. It is going to be celebrated on Sunday, March 18 2012.

Palm Sunday – it is an event not a holiday and the event is held on Sunday, April 01 2012.

Easter – this is a religious event and is known as the most awaited day of the year. Special rituals are observed on the day. Easter Sunday and Easter Monday are enjoyed the day is scheduled in Austria calendar 2012 on Sunday, April 08 2012.

Mother’s day and father’s day – these are the two events celebrated and observed throughout the country. There is no public holiday but people observe this day to show the love to their parents. Both the events are held on two different days. The mother’s day and father’s day commence on Sunday, May 13 2012 and Sunday, June 10 2012 respectively.

Assumption day – this is the public holiday and is termed as the day of rest. On this day it was assumed that the soul of Mary departed and it was captured in the heaven. This day will be celebrated on Wednesday, August 15 2012.

Kärntner Volksabstimmung – it is a kingdom that was established after the world war I. this day is celebrated in the memory of this kingdom. There is no public holiday but the event is held. Different ceremonies are organized on Wednesday, October 10 2012.

National holiday – after the world war II Austria was captured by four super powers of that time. After many agreements, wars and treaties the new parliament came into being and the country was declared independent on October 26 2012.

Christmas and Boxing Day – this is a public holiday and people celebrate the day with full enthusiasm. On this day the Jesus Christ was born and it is related to a religious event. It lasts for almost two weeks and Boxing Day is the day following the Christmas day. They are celebrated on 25 December 2012 and 26 December 2012 respectively.

Apart from these events there are many events like 1st advert, 2nd advert, 3rd advert, 4th advert, whit Monday and whit son etc.

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