Bach Festival 2013

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Indulge in Timeless Classical Music at the Bach Festival 2013, Leipzig

When it happens: Around 2nd week of June 2013(yet to be confirmed)

Where it happens:  Liepzig, Germany

The Bach Festival 2013, Leipzig, also known as Bachfest Leipzig or The Leipzig Bach Festival, is a music festival that will take place in the city of Leipzig. It is a yearly festival to honor one of the greatest composers of all time, Johann Sebastian Bach. Leipzig is the place where Bach reached his fame as a Thomaskantor, the musical director of the Thomanerchor in Leipzig. One of the Thomaskantor’s duties involve leading weekly services called Mottete. Bach was responsible for the music at the four major Leipzig churches.


Leipzig first hosted a festival i nthe year 1904 for the Neue Bachgesellschaft. But it was in 1908 that is was formally hosted. The festival was sometimes referred to as the Bachwochen or the ‘Bach Weeks’ and sometimes as the Bachtage or the ‘Bach Days’. Since the year 1999 it was the Bach-Archiv that organizes the festival every year under a different theme on behalf of the city of Leipzig.

What to expect

Expect a week or more of the best classical music to flood the streets and echo throughout the city as Leipzig celebrates one of the greatest composers the world has ever known. With around 100 individual events, the Bach Festival 2013, Leipzig is bound to delight lovers of classical music and enthusiasts with the most classy of tastes. Bach’s compositions are timeless masterpieces and testimonies of his genius.

Performances by internationally acclaimed musicians, orchestral and choral works as well as symphony concerts will be showcased. Needless to say, with a roster of these level of musicians, you can only expect the best kind of music that transcends time, surviving more than 100 years. From day to night, you will hear sounds of violins, pianos, and other musical instruments filling the city of Leipzig like as if it were the Baroque period. The final concert is traditionally a performance of Bach’s most notable Mass in B minor composition in the St. Thomas Church.

Travel Tips

A truly spectacular event deserves the most dignified appearance so it is important to look sophisticated if possible when attending performances in churches or in orchestra houses. It is important to follow etiquette such as maintaining silence while performances are going on in concert halls and other venues of performances. It is also polite to applause to show appreciation and satisfaction to the performers, but surely you will not be unimpressed. Also take note not to play loud music, most especially modern music, as it would most certainly ruin the festival mood.

The Bach Festival 2013, Leipzig will have a different theme as it always has every year but the yearly anticipation it gives music lovers and enthusiasts is all but the same. Come and celebrate the Bach Festival 2013, Leipzig and relive the glorious music of the Baroque Period when Bach was at the prime of his life!

Where to stay in Leipzig:

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