Basant Panchami 2013

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Basant Panchami 2013

When it happens:  Mid-February(Friday, 15th February 2013)

Where it happens: Northern India


The celebration of the arrival of spring is universal: All cultures throughout the world celebrate it in one form or another. No matter what underlying beliefs there are in the changing of seasons, one thing is certain: People celebrate spring as the beginning of life, and starting anew.

The Basant Panchami 2013 is not that different in this respect. There are several variations all throughout the Indian continent, like the Gudi Padwa and Ugadi, but they all commemorate the same thing: The creation of the universe – seen in green things growing after the dark of winter – by the Lord Brahma.

Whereas red is the favorite color of Chinese in celebration of their New Year (which coincides with the beginning of spring), in India, particularly in Punjab, the fields are awash with yellow mustard flowers which are echoed in decors made of bright yellow ribbons. This may be because in India, this is the time of the year that wheat crops become heavy with golden grains.


About the Event:

Basant Panchami 2013, is literally the fifth day of the spring month, and is celebrated on the fifth day of the Magh Masa (Hindu calendar). On this day, the Hindus believe that the goddess Saraswati, the deity of wisdom, was born and celebrate her birth along with Lord Brahma’s creation of the universe.

Next year, the fifth day of the Magh Masa falls on February 15.

On this day, the people celebrate by decorating their communities with ribbons and flowers that come in various shades of yellow. They also wear yellow clothes, eat yellow sweet rice and give out yellow-colored gifts and sweets to unmarried and poor girls. This color is believed to bring knowledge, and promote peace and happiness in the family.

This is also the time when constructions projects are started, factory operations are began, schools and offices are inaugurated, and marriage ceremonies in northern India are performed.

In the academe, the goddess Saraswati is honored and worshipped because she presides over the constant flow of knowledge. The day is also celebrated with kite flying to honor Lord Ram who flew kites with his deity friends. Feeding the Brahmins on this day is likewise considered a tradition because the Hindus believe that their departed ancestors are accepting food through spiritual channels like Brahmins.

While the rest of India gets busy for the occasion, Punjab is where the best action happens.

Basant Panchami 2013 is just one of the many Indian celebrations honoring the renewal of nature in spring. The event, however, has its own character and flavor that makes it distinct from the rest of Indian religious occasions and therefore worth attending.

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