Bath Literature Festival 2013

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Experience Literature at its Best in Bath Literature Festival

Bath Literature Festival 2013

When it happens: March 1 – 10,2013
Where it happens:
Bath, Somerset, England


The Bath Literature Festival was established in 1995. It was supported by the English entrepreneur Andrew Brownsword. The festival has become a well-established literary event that takes places for 10 days. It includes all forms of writing and attracts a number of national and international writers. The fast increase in its reputation is due to the mounting number of audiences. Since then, it has become an important date to the national literary calendar.

About the Festival:

The Bath Literature Festival is celebrated in bath, Somerset, England. This 2013, it will be held on March for ten day starting on the 1st day of the month. If you are a love or art and literature, you should get ready to gear up and wear your literary cap as you join the greatest literary event of the year.

The festival boasts of inviting the most famous of the famous literary artists in the world to give lectures to young aspiring talents. They are also invited to judge debates and literary competitions, as well as hold discussions to enlighten the youthful minds of participants. This event is awaited by every book lover all over the world as they wait for the analysis of the works of their favourite writers. The festival also includes events for your children such as group reading and many other activities.     

Travel tips:

If you are staying for ten days in Bath for the Bath Literature Festival, you should learn a lot of things about the city. Bath is a bit poor in the food department. Scattered all over town, restaurants are hard to find, making it hard to make a selection. Also, most restaurants close on a Monday. If you want to find some place to eat, you have to book early or you will get hungry. Bath is also a very safe place to stay. So, you do not have to worry.

In addition, do not rent a car for departing from the city. It is very expensive to pay for parking. There will be a lot of people during the festival, so it is important for you to follow these travel tips. Keep them in mind and you will surely enjoy your stay in this very beautiful city.

Final Thoughts: Bath Literature festival is a professional event that you will surely enjoy. You will love the different arrangements that artists perform. This can be a great time for you to relax and enjoy. The festival is good as it really is, but you can expect it to be better and better. All in all, it is one of the most popular festivals of the United Kingdom.


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