Belgium Public Holidays 2012 Calendar

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Belgium calendar – 2012

New Year’s Day – it is the first day of the year, in the Gregorian calendar. Its arrival is right after the Christmas. It will be celebrated on Sunday 1st January.

Epiphany – it is an important Christian event beside and Easter. It honors the representation of Jesus to magi or the three wise men. It will be held on Friday 6th January.

Easter – it is also known as Pascha. It is celebrated in the memory Resurrection of Jesus from the dead. It is referred as the season of church and will be celebrated on Monday 9th April.

Labour Day- it is celebrated and commonly associated with the commemoration of labour’s achievements. According to the Belgian calendar it will commence on Tuesday 1st may.

Mother’s day – it is celebrated throughout the world. The main purpose is to salute the sacrifices of the mother for the children and the whole generation. It will be held on Sunday 13th may.

Celebration of the Golden Spurs – king IV of the France decided to attack Flemish tows. He sent a huge army with the best tools of that time. The Flemish army was there to face them and a war broke out as a result of the war French army was clean swept by the Flemish. The day is also known as “Day of the Flemish Community”. This is day is celebrated in the memory of that war dated Saturday 21st July.

Independence Day – Belgium was separated from Netherlands in 1830. The exact date is 18 October 1830. After few months the new king of Belgium was chosen and appointed. So this day is marked as Independence Day on the calendar and will be observed on Saturday 21st July.

Assumption Day – this is a religious event based upon an assumption. It is believed that on this day the soul of Mary departed and it was captured in the heavens. So it is called assumption day and it will be observed on Wednesday 15th august.

French Community Holiday – on this day the revolution started in Belgium. La Muette de Portic led a revolution and caused a riot. The purpose was to end the cruel rule of Netherlands government. This day is celebrated on Thursday 27th September.

All saints day – on this day people remember the beloved and departed souls. They visit their graves. It is a sort of religious ritual observed by whole community. It will be observed on Thursday 1st November.

Christmas – it is an important a religious event marked as the birth of Jesus. Special ceremonies are held on the day. The event lasts for about two weeks and families gather to enjoy it. It will commence on Thursday 25 December.

Beside these events there are several other events but they are not as much important and only some communities observe holidays on those particular events.






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