Berlin Beer Festival 2012

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You Need a Beer Loving in Berlin Beer Festival

            The Berlin Beer Festival is one of the prestigious beer festivals in the world. It is usually held on the first weekend of August every year. With a length of one mile, this festival shows off the longest beer garden in the planet. Each year, more than one million of people visit the festival. You can see 2,000 types of beer offered in stalls all over the place. Over 300 breweries from 86 countries are joining to quench your thirst on a very hot summer day. You can take a sample of the 2,000 kinds of beer as you listen to live music and watch live shows.

The Berlin Beer Festival will be held in Karl Marx Allee. You will be able to enjoy the unique blend of entertainment and culture with the culinary specialties of the 20 beer regions and the 18 stages set up for live shows. In addition to the festivities, good, music, stage shows, and delicious food make the event more holistic. Aside from the actual festival, you can also visit some brew pubs before heading to the event. There are a number of brew pubs that are waiting for you to come and taste their specialties. You can also have a trip to the Budvar Brewery. It is located approximately 100 miles outside of Prague. That should be a very exciting trip to the original Budweiser.

Among the most famous countries that showcase their beer in the Berlin Beer Festival are Poland, Belgium, Czech Republic and the United Kingdom. If you want to rest your beer-drowned feet for a while, there are never-ending gardens to choose from. There, you will find bands playing various selections of live music.

There are also tents that are flowing with beers and a number of big sun shelters are filled with a lot of specialties from many different countries all over the world. You will find every beer from the most unusual to the most famous brand names. You will also find a number of plastic glasses both inside and outside the tents. However, you need to wait for your turn and get into the line to taste them.

There are other forms of entertainment that you can enjoy aside from the traditional beer drinking. Bands play anything from rock music through the 80′s songs. The live music heightens the sense of fun of the occasion. You can also watch traditional German dancing. Dancers wear local dresses with ruffled bottoms. They also wear white-coloured tops and pig tails. There are even big personalities that join the dancing.

You can also visit stalls that offer stand-up comic shows to enjoy your day after a few beers. The most interesting part is that the festival is free. If you are a beer lover, the Berlin Beer Festival is the perfect place for you.


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