Berlin Film Festival 2013

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Berlin Film Festival 2013

When it happens: February (14th February – 24th February 2013)

Where it happens: Berlin, Germany


The Berlin Film Festival 2013 was conceived in 1951, at the suggestion of U.S. film officer Oscar Martay, to restore the 1920s heyday of Berlin after it suffered from the ravages of war. It has been celebrated annually since 1978.

About the Event:

Outside of Hollywood, there is nothing bigger and more glamorous than the popularly attended Berlinale, or Berlin Film Festival 2013. It is reported by 4,000 journalists in 115 countries, attended by 19,000 professionals, and thronged by 300,000 visitors from all over the world.

The film fest is nothing short of an international gathering in Berlin, Germany of all prominent characters in the film industry from around the globe, and inevitably attended by the glitterati of Hollywood and other countries. As such, it has taken on a cosmopolitan vibe where art, glamour, commerce and worldwide media exposure take place in one setting.

The Berlin Film Festival 2013 is as much an opportunity to scout for projects as it is an opportunity to showcase one’s work. The European Film Market plans its annual international convention to coincide with Berlinale so distributors, producers, film buyers and agents are all in one place to discuss business. It is also a fertile venue for up and coming talents to have their work screened before experienced film juries, and an academy for any film enthusiast who wants to learn more about the trade.

Berlinale is not all competition. While the Golden and Silver Bears are given out annually to deserving works of art, the film fest also provides venue for films that have not yet gained mainstream audience. Six other categories are open for participation:

Panorama – films in this category showcase controversial subjects intended to provoke discussion. Films that talk about the LGBT community (lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders) are among the favorites.

Forum – this is where experimental or documentary films are shown. The goal is for younger filmmakers to get quality feedback from the jury.

Generation – youth-oriented film section that feature films for the K-plus (4 years and below) and 14-plus audiences (14 and above).

Perspektive Deutsches Kino – a film section that focuses on current cinematic trends in Germany.

Berlinale Shorts – a film section that judges short films, both domestic and abroad. The focus is on innovative approaches to film-making.

Retrospective – a film section in the Berlin Film Festival 2013 that showcases entries in previous film fests and honors directors and actors who have achieved a certain accomplishment.

Next year, Berlinale is scheduled to run from February 14 to 24.

Travel Tips:

Berlin, on any other day, is a bustling tourist destination. Be sure to book accommodations well in advance. Bring black-tie attire for red carpet attendance.

The Berlin Film Festival 2013 is a movie buff’s mecca, being one of the most glamorous and publicly attended event where it is possible to rub elbows with film greats.

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