Bhai Dooj

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Bhau-beej -Bhai Dooj 2012-Bhai Phota Festival

When: 15th November 2012bhai dooj 300x225 Bhai Dooj
Where: India

            Bhai Dooj. The word Bhai means brother and Dooj means the second day after the new moon. The custom commonly includes the sisters going to the house of the brother and bringing the teeka (a mark worn on the forehead) to her brother.

The Bhai Dooj festival is celebrated with lights and firecrackers. Sisters all over Inida express their love to their brothers by putting a vermillion mark or a lucky teeka on their brother’s forhead. They also perform an aarti (songs of praise) to their brothers in order to show him the light of the holy flame. This marks their love and protection of their brothers against evil forces. In return, brothers lavish their sisters with goodies, blessings and gifts.

Many myths and legends surround the Bhai Dooj. It is believed that on this day the lord of death as well as the custodian of hell, Yamaraj, visits his sister Yani. Yani puts the lucky mark on his forehead and plead for his well being. Thus, it is believed that anyone who will receive a mark from his sister during this day will be saved from the fires of hell. Another legend claims that Lord Krishna goes to his sister Subhadra during this day after slaying the demon Narakasura. In return, she welcomed him with flowers, sweets and a lamp. She also places the hold protective mark on the forehead of her brother. Another story tells about the founder of Jainism, Mahavir who attained nirvana. During this time, King Nandivardhan was distressed because he missed him so much. So Sudarshana, his sister, comforted him. Since then, women have been revered during the festival.

Bhai Dooj is a great time for you to express your love to your brother. You can send him sweets and gifts during this time wherever he is. If you have money, you can take him to India and celebrate this special day on the 15th day of November 2012. You should also pray for the well being of your brother, wishing him a long and healthy life.

This is also a great opportunity for you to have a good feast and exchange gifts. You can hear the resounding of conch shells on every household in India as well. Common gifts you should offer during the ritual are rice and new grass. No matter how the festival is celebrated, the important part is the spirit of togetherness and love between siblings.

A Very Warm wishes for every brothers & sisters celebrating Bhai Dooj  this year.!    


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