Biarritz Surf Festival 2012, France

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Roxy Pro Biarritz – Biarritz Surf Festival 2012, France

When: 10th July – 14th July 2012.

Where: Biarritz, France

Want to experience an unforgettable surfing experience? Well, then, hop on your next flight to Biarritz, a picturesque citsurf 300x217 Biarritz Surf Festival 2012, Francey located on the Atlantic coast of Bay of Biscay. This beautiful town is situated in South Western France and is frequented by thousands of tourists, who fly here to witness the famous Surf Festival.

The magnificent Biarritz surf festival /Roxy Pro Biarritz is held every July.It is a competition just for female surfers all over the world,its popularity had  attracted thousands of professional as well as amateur surfers to participate in the sporting activity.

The town’s history dates back to the 12th century when it was inhabited by locales who used to make their living by hunting whales and other aquatic life forms. In the 18th century, Biarritz was already known to be a treatment center for treating sick people with its oceanic water. It was a place, highly revered by the pilgrims who worshipped the sea water. the town was a summer resort for the wealthy and rich families, including the British royal family and many other royalties. A very beautiful palace, built by queen Eugene, stands tall on the beach. It was because of the construction of the palace that Biarritz became known to the outside world and became a major tourist centre on the world map. Though, many of us would credit the palace to have helped in gaining popularity for this town, it was , however, the construction of the famous casino on 10th August 1901 that made this town a world famous resort. This casino city became the university campus for U.S defense forces, during World War II.   Many of its hotels and casinos were transformed into living quarters for the military forces, both men and women. However, with the opening of the university on 10th August 1945, the town saw the emergence of a new creed of students. Such students attended the university to enable them to lead civil lives, once they surrendered their services. However, it closed down in the year 1946.

Every year in the summer month of July, surfers from across the globe, attend the famous surf festival that is the most important events in the calendar of Biarritz. Bookings are made in advance so that no one misses out the chance to witness the magic crested by the breathtaking waters of the Atlantic. There are a variety of activities to keep visitors hooked on to this town. Be it paddle board racing, long board competitions, body surfing or Tahitian pirogue; the town of Biarritz enthralls all.  The surf festival also draws huge crowds that flock here to witness musical evenings.

Travelers visiting Biarritz should make prior hotel reservations, before embarking on their journey, since the whole town gets crowded for the surf festival. Amateurs can learn the basics of surfing from the various renowned surfing schools that throng the town. With a vast range of restaurants and cafes, at disposal, the tourists can satiate their gastronomical cravings to the hilt. If you have never indulged in Basque food, this town will let you dive in the many exotic dishes that you have never tasted before. Visitors may also visit the beautiful and eye catching lighthouse that remains the focal point for all tourist activity.

Recommended Hotels to Stay during the trip:

Whether it is the surf festival, the magnificent architecture, breathtaking rock formations or the pristine beaches, Biarritz offers travelers everything under one roof. Come visit this small, yet, charming town that would surely captivate your imagination.

A warm welcome for all the surf lovers to this wonderful Biarritz Surf Festival 2012, France in July 2012


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