Bikaner Festival 2013

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It’s Camel Day in Bikaner Festival

Bikaner Festival 2013

When it happens: January 26 – 27 2013
Where it happens:
Bikaner, Rajasthan ,India


The city of Bikaner was founded in 1948. It was named after its founder, rao Pakaji, a descendant of the founder of Jodhpur, Rao Jodha. He established his kingdom and was offened by his father over his dreams. Then, he established the city in Jungladesh which is located in the camel trade route. This made the city an important trade center.

About the Festival:

The Bikaner Festival is a yearly festival celebrated in Bikaner, Rajasthan, India. The festival is dedicated to the animal which is important to the desert and the city’s trade – the camel. It is organized by Rajasthan’s Department of Tourism on the 36th and 27th day of January of the year 2013.

The festival is the perfect event if you want to witness Rajasthan in its complete vibrant beauty. It starts with the parade of the beautifully-decorated camels which is spectacular sight against the backdrop of the fort of Junagarh. The Bikaner Festival includes a number of activities such as folk performances of the local artists, camel beauty pageants, camel acrobatics, the best breed contest, camel milking, camel races, and fur cutting designs. A number of craftsmen and traders attend this festival for there are a lot of possibilities of souvenir shopping, taking photos and eating.

Other activities include fireworks display, fire dancing, and skirt-swirling performances. Along with these festivities, you should not fail to try the tea prepared with camel milk which is served at the venue. Also taste some Rajasthan delicacies such as Choorma and Daal-Bati which is a traditional trio-dish.

Travel tips:

If you ever come to the Bikaner Festival, do not forget to bring with you woollens. The nights and mornings in the desert can get chilly. Also, be careful of your belongingness in order to avoid getting the attention of snatchers and pickpockets. Women are not advised to go alone in remote areas during the night as well. Lastly, sellers will offer you tea to oblige you to buy from them. Do not take their offering if you are not interested.

Final thoughts:

Bikaner Festival 2013 is open to the public. Anyone can come and join this fun and colourful celebration. However, like any other festival, the problem is the pollution from fireworks. This threatens the climate crisis if not reduced. Sound pollution caused by loud music is another issue which may cause irritation and psychological problems. In order to create a healthy celebration, it would be wise to tone down noises and minimize fireworks.

Anyway, the festival can be celebrated without much noise and fireworks display. All in all, the entire festival is a must-see. It is a great time for you to celebrate the importance of animals like the camel to the lives and businesses of the Rajasthan people.      


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