Billabong Pro Surfing 2012

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billabong surf 300x203 Billabong Pro Surfing 2012Billabong Pro Surfing 2012 , SA Event

When: 14th – 24th July 2012.

Where: Jeffreys Bay, South Africa

Love to indulge in adventure sports? Are you a surf fanatic who cannot think of any other event but surfing? Then, Billabong Pro surfing is your next surfing event that will sure to give you the adrenaline rush. The famous Billabong pro surfing event is held at Jeffrey’s Bay, in South Africa from 14th to 24th of July 2012 this year.


South Africa is a well known tourist destination with nearly half of tourists visiting this place for its breathtaking beaches that provide ample scope to participate in sporting activities , of which, surfing, generates quite a lot of tourist traffic. Though, the beach resort does not have a very old historical record, however, it was only in the year 1984 that it came to  be recognized as a major host for surfing events. The first Billabong Pro was organized in the same year with many professional surfers joining the event. Soon the place became a haven for surfers that thronged to this resort for the amazing surfing event.

About the Event:

One of the frontrunners in surfing events, Billabong Pro at Jeffrey’s Bay attracts thousands of professional as well as amateur surfers, from all ROUND THE WORLD. This year, the event is likely to be attended by over a 100 surf enthusiasts who will gather to mark the 26th birthday of Billabong Pro. The whole town seems to come alive with thousands of people who flock j to take part in the fun filed activities that mark the event. Held over a period of eleven days, the event starts with sponsors selecting the best days to hold the competitions, while the remaining three days are solely left to decide the winner of the surfing event. While, you get all the opportunities to satiate your lust for the sun, sea and sand; there are quite a number of educative experiences for the environmentally conscious tourists. Billabong Pro, apart from hosting the surfing event, also organizes programs and seminars, therefore, bringing about an awareness about sustainable and eco tourism. Various global issues like global warming are addressed at different workshops and classes. After the pro is over, the town seems to get wild with some of the most sought after event parties. The evenings offer awesome views of the beaches with live music and various other activities that are sure to entertain tourists, beyond imagination.

Travelers tip:

There are a number of places and activities that would definitely enthrall tourists.  The pristine beaches with their golden sands; dolphins and sea shells, make this a haven for those that love the seas. The town also offers various other aquatic sports like snorkeling and scuba diving which provide ample opportunities to experience the magnificent coral reefs that are found abundantly in Billibong. For the shopaholics, there are a number of shops and boutiques that sell local art and crafts. Travelers have the choice of eating out as the place is full with a number of cafes and restaurants serving ethnic South African foods to other international cuisines. For the environmentally inclined tourists, there is the famous Noorsekloof reserve that offers a number of activities like animal watching to staying in luxurious resorts and guest houses.

Billabong Pro surfing event provides you with an enriching experience that remains in the memory and can never be forgotten. The place, the people and the beautiful sea, offers you everything under one roof. Be here for the next surfing event!



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