Buddha Purnima Festival 2013

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Buddha Purnima Festival

Buddha Purnima 2013

When it happens: May 25 2013

Where it happens: India

About the Festival:

The Buddha Purnima Festival falls on the full moon night of the Vaisakha month. It is celebrated either in April or May to commemorate the birth of the founder of Buddhism, Buddha. During this day, the temperature often rises to as high as 45 degrees. Pilgrims all over the world withstand the heat in order to attend the celebration. The festival is marked by prayer meetings and sermons about the life of Buddha. Religious discussions, group meditation, worship of the Buddha statue, scripture readings and processions are some of the activities during the festival. During this time, you can visit the Mahabodhi Temple which is at its most festive look with the flowers and flags decorations.

For devotees, the Buddha Purnima Festival is the luckiest day of the year. It commemorates the death and enlightenment of Buddha. However, there are variations of observing the festival in minor regions. Generally, it is observed by lighting oil lamps at the icon of Buddha. Others meditate and offer presents such as fruits, flowers, incense and silk scarves. If you want to visit a region filled with the most exciting celebration, go to Sarnath and Bodhgaya. The latter is the place of enlightenment of Buddha and where the Mahabodhi Temple is found. You can listen to the sermons under the Bodhi tree, where Buddha was enlightened. The former on the other hand is the place where Buddha taught his followers.

Travel Tips:

Religion is a sensitive topic in India. Since Buddha Purnima Festival is a religious celebration, you need to follow their harmless norms. First, in visiting temples take off your shoes as a sign of reverence to the deity. Do not bring alcohol to the temples except those that are dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Some temples do not allow people who do not practice the same faith, so do not force to enter them. If you are a woman, do not wear clothing that hugs your body or exposes your legs. You may want to wear a Sari or a loose blouse and long skirt. You should also cover your head when entering a mosque and put your right foot first. Hindus are also strict vegetarian. So, do not be surprised if leather products such as shoes and bags are prohibited.

Final Thoughts: The Buddha Purnima Festival is a religious festival that is worth attending. It allows you to understand more the culture of the people as well as enjoy their exciting celebration. It would be more interesting if plays about the life of Buddha will be portrayed by talented Indian artists. This will allow people of all ages to enjoy the celebration instead of just scripture readings and sermons that may bore very young children.


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