Buffalo Racing,Thailand

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When: First Weekend of October

Where: Chonburi, Thailand


The origin of the Buffalo Racing Thailand can be traced back when farmers from the countryside came to the province of Chonburi to trade their goods. They celebrated with games and entertainment under the full moon at the end of the Buddhist lent.

Chonburi Thailand Map Buffalo Races 640x5961 300x279 Buffalo Racing,ThailandThey would arrive on their fully loaded buffalo carts and they would play games. It started a long time ago when two farmer were arguing of whose buffalo runs the fastest. So, they settled their argument with a race.

About the Festival:

The Buffalo Racing Thailand also known as the Chonburi Buffalo Races is celebrated on the first weekend of October every year. The race is held in Chonburi province, Thailand and is more or less a hundred years old. Regardless of the time the even started, it has never declined in its popularity. It now even benefits as a part of the tourist attractions for those who know. However, there are still a number who are not informed about it.

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Nevertheless, thousands of people still flock to this entertainment. There are approximately 300 buffalos in five to six groups. The buffalos are hit by bareback jockeys with their wooden sticks and hundreds of watchers cheer. The races are usually preceded by a parade of well-decorated buffalo carts. You will be amazed on the colourful masses as they dress on their finest clothes and their vibrant umbrellas.

The Buffalo Racing Thailand plays an important role in the agriculture of Thailand. For farmers, it is an important yearly festival to celebrate before the harvest of rice. At dawn, you can see farmers walking their buffalos and splashing them with water. The festival helps preserve the species of the buffalo which has been decreasing in other regions. This is due to the fact that modern machinery has been used in agriculture. Auspiciously, the buffalo racing tradition still continues. Another event you should look forward to is the Buffalo Beauty Pageant.

Travel tips:

If you ever visit for the Buffalo Racing Thailand, it is better to follow some travel tips. The number one cause of death of tourists in the country is motorbike accidents. Thus, you need to drive defensively, wear your helmet and avoid drinking and travelling at night. Another tip is to carry your own padlock to keep your belongings safe. In addition, you should always carry your passport with you as required by the law.


The Buffalo Racing Thailand is the best example of ideal attitude of Thais about life. It is a fun event that will surely keep you from getting bored. However, the event will be much visited by tourists if they were to include many other activities that will fill in their itineraries. More promotion of the event will also attract visitors from all over the world. Nevertheless, it is still considered as a fun way to celebrate October. If you are ever free on that month, go to Thailand and experience the colourful culture of the Thais.


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