Calgary Stampede, Canada

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Calgary Stampede, Canada

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Adventure tourists that love the bulls, the fight and the gore, must visit the famous rodeo festival that is held every year in July at Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The festival is known as the Calgary Stampede and hosts the annual rodeo festival cum exhibition that attracts a million tourists from far and wide, who come here to witness the 10 day long extravaganza.

History of The Event

Typically, a farmer’s land, this town’s society was formed in 1884 and since then, it has developed, bringing it to one of the top most places for sports. The first exhibition was held in 1886 when it was attended by the residents who flocked to see the various stalls and shows. However, the town lost its sheen and the famous exhibition came to a standstill in 1885, owing to bad climatic conditions and economic slowdown. Calgary, gained prominence, when the Western Pacific Exhibition Company organized its first industrial fair in 1889, thereby, bringing this town to the  notice of many a prominent personalities, including the Government of Canada, on whose orders, the Dominion Exhibition was organized. It was during this exhibition that the rodeo festival came to light and drew about 100000 visitors from far and near.  The event was marked by a grand parade, rodeo and trick roping, among the many events showcased. The first Stampede was organized in the year 1912 which was attended by over 75000 visitors, thereby, making this festival grand.

About The Stampede

The Calgary Stampede (July at Calgary) is celebrated for 10 days during which travelers can see the opening parade that marks the start of the festival. It starts on the first Friday, before the clock hits 9 in the morning and is attended by a large conglomeration of politicians, business leaders, actors and sportsmen. The parade becomes colorful with flags, bands and clowns, joining in and contributing to its grandeur. One can see over 150 floats and numerous horses that add to the glory of the parade. One of the main attractions of the festival, the rodeo is the most looked after event by sports freaks who come to visit cowboys and fighting bulls. The rodeo also offers the highest cash prize reaching up to $1,000,000 for the winner. Some activities that form the highlight of the rodeo are: steer wrestling, bull riding, barrel racing and saddle and bareback riding, each offering its own share of thrills and chills.  The famous exhibition held during the Calgary Stampede, holds interest for many who come here to see an enormous gathering of farmers, blacksmiths, livestock and other agricultural extravaganza. The exhibition holds a number of farm and ranch demos that provide a learning experience for many agricultural students who visit this fair for getting a firsthand knowledge about the contemporary food production techniques and breeding livestock.

Travel Tips:

Apart from the highlighted festival, tourists can venture out in the town to participate in the famous pancake breakfasts that are organized throughout the town and attended by college students and people from all quarters. Many churches and community houses hold these breakfasts. However, the largest breakfast is organized by a mall known as Chinook Centre that caters for 60,000 people who come here to have a hearty meal. One can also get wild in some fabulously hosted parties that are held all across Calgary and attract thousands of visitors. When attending this festival, be sure to book  your accommodation well in advance, since most of these remain jam packed for the rodeo season.

Final Thoughts..

If, watching bull fights and cowboys, is your area of interest, then this Calgary Stampede is your most favored destinations in the world. The thrill and excitement that comes attached with this festival cannot be described in words. You have to be here to experience it.!



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