Changi International Airport

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Changi International Airport

                Changi International Airport is the primary airport of Singapore. It is also a major hub in Southeast Asia. The airport is located about 17 km northeast of Changi, a commercial center in Singapore, hence the name.

                The airport has four passenger terminals with a capacity of up to 70 million passengers every year. In 2011, Changi handled more than 46 million passengers and is the seventh busiest airport in the world and the second in Asia. The airport serves as the main hub for a number of airlines namely, Singapore Airlines, Tiger Airways, Valuair, Jetstar Asia Airways, Qantas and Silkair.

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Airport Lounges

                There are many reasons why passengers would look for lounges. One reason is flight delays and cancellation and the second reason is when passengers want to come early so as not to miss their flight. For these reasons, passengers need a place to relax and rest. At Changi International Airport there is the SATS Premier Check-in Lounge at Terminal 1 and 2. The lounge at Terminal 1 is open 24 hours a day while the lounge at Terminal 2 opens on selected hours of the day. At the lounge, passengers will enjoy the luxurious facilities such as seating, refreshments, television and newspapers. Also, the lounge has direct access to the immigration area.

                Rest Areas

                There are many free rest areas around Changi Airport. Their well design snooze chairs are equipped with head and leg rests so tired and weary passengers can relax and stretch out while waiting for their flight.

                Napping Areas

  • The Rainforest Lounge located at West area of Terminal 1 Departure Transit Lounge, Level 3; Rates: $30+ for the first 3 hours and $8 for subsequent hours.
  • The Transit Hotel located at Terminal 1 east area of Departure Transit Lounge, Level 3 and Terminal 2 south area Departure Transit Lounge, Level 3; Rates: $41.20 for the first 6 hours and $13.90 per hour for subsequent hours.
  • The Ultimate Spa located at Level 3 of Terminal 2 Departure Transit Lounge.
  • The Ambassador Transit Lounge located at Level 3 of Terminal 3 Departure Transit Lounge.

                Airport WiFi and Internet

  • Free WiFi internet access using Wireless@SG.
  • More than 500 internet stations in all terminals of the airport.

Services, Facilities and Things to Do

                Changi International Airport also provides services and facilities that improve the passengers’ safety, security and welfare. The airport has an Information and Customer Service Counter that will answer all your queries. There are money changers, medical services, postal and telecommunications, smoking areas, and an area for people with special needs.

                Passengers arriving can also make reservations at the Hotel Reservations Counter so that they can be sure that they have a place to stay once they reach downtown Singapore. The airport also provides a passenger meeting lounge where you can setup meetings on the fly.

                The airport also provides passengers with Business and Internet Facilities that caters to services like mailing, photocopy, and fax. There are also 150 internet kiosks that are available to passengers free of charge.

singapore changi international airport 1 Changi International Airport

                Airport Hotels

  • The Ambassador Transit Hotel – Terminal 1 Departure Transit Lounge East, Level 3; Terminal 2 Departure Transit Lounge South, Level 3; Terminal 3 Departure Transit Lounge North, Mezzanine Level 3. Rates: Starts at SGD 47 for budget rooms and SGD 76.51 for standard rooms. Rates are based on a minimum charge of 6 hour blocks.
  • Crowne Plaza Hotel – The hotel is connected to the Changi Airport Terminal 3 via a link bridge. Terminals 1 and 2 are accessible via SkyTrain.

            ATMs and Banking

  • ATMs of different banks are available all over the airport
  • Money Changers are available in:
  1. Terminal  1: Departure Transit Lounge West, Level 2; Departure Transit Lounge East, Level 2; Departure Check-in Hall, Public Area, Level 2; Arrival Hall, Public Area, Level 1.
  2. Terminal 2: Departure Transit Lounge North and South, Level 2; Departure Check-in Hall Central, Public Area, Level 2.
  3. Terminal 3: Departure Transit Lounge North and South, Level 2, Arrival Hall, Public Area, Level 1.
  4.  Budget Terminal: Departure Transit Lounge, Arrival Hall.

                Business Centers

  • Terminal 1: Transit Hotel Departure Transit Lounge East, Level 3; Open 24 hours
  • Terminal 2: Transit Hotel Departure Transit Lounge South, Level 3; Open 24 hours
  • Terminal 3: Transit Hotel Departure Transit Lounge North, Mezzanine Level; Open 24 hours


                Changi International Airport also has several entertainment options to waiting passengers.  There is a kid’s playground named Canopy, a 4D Cinema, Avaiation Gallery, Movie Theater, and an arcade to kill the boredom while waiting for your flight. Passengers also have several dining and shopping options.

                Dining and Food

  • 24 Hour Food Gallery – For authentic all-time favorite Singaporean dishes. Located at Terminals 1 and 3 after immigration area.
  • Bistro and Bar – For a nice and comfortable place before a flight. They serve a wide selection of beers, wines, and cocktails. Located at Terminal 1, Public Area.
  • Burger King – Terminal 1, public area and after immigration area; Terminal 2, public area; Terminal 3, after immigration area.
  • KFC – Terminal 1, public area.

Changi airport terminal interior 1024x768 Changi International Airport

                Movie Theater – The movie theatre screens free movies for the viewing pleasure of waiting passengers. The theatres are open 24 hours a day at these locations:

  • Terminal 2: Near the Sunflower Garden at Departure Transit Lounge South, Level 3.
  • Terminal 3: Near the Ambassador Transit Lounge at Departure Transit Lounge North, Level 3.

                Zone X – An Arcade that features all-time arcade favorites and redemption games is located at Terminal 3, Basement 2 Public Area.

             Entertainment Deck – The entertainment deck is a one-stop multimedia center that will satisfy just about anything you need. With an Xbox Kinect Room, Playstation 3 Stations, Cafeteria, Music Area and MTV Booth every type of entertainment to keep you busy while waiting for your flight is here. Located at the Departure Transit Lounge, Level 3 or Terminal 2.

Airport Hours

                Because of the volume of the flights that arrive and depart at Changi, the airport is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some facilities and services may have their own operating hours, but important services of the airport are up 24/7.

Airport Transportation: Getting There

                There are several ways to get to Changi International Airport. Passengers can take a taxi to reach the airport from anywhere in Singapore. Shuttle buses are also available at an affordable rate and there is also a public bus route from the city and through Terminals 1, 2 and 3. Car rental counters are also available at the arrivals areas of all the terminals.

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