Chelsea Flower Show 2013

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             Chelsea Flower Show 2013 – Where Science, Art, and Business collide

When it happens: May 21 – 25, 2013

Where it happens: Royal Hospital Grounds, Chelsea, London, UK

Also formally known as the Great Spring Show, The Chelsea Flower Show 2013 is a garden show to be held for five days in the month of May 2013. The Chelsea Flower Show 2013 will surely attract a lot of guests and enthusiasts. This event is a prominent and very prestigious garden show in all of the United Kingdom or even perhaps in the whole world due to the fact of visitors coming from all over the world being present in attendance each year.

The Chelsea Flower Show was first held in 1913 in the Royal Hospital Grounds of Chelsea after the great nurseryman, Sir Harry Veitch, secured the ground of the Royal Hospital in Chelsea for the Royal International Horticultural Exhibition. The event became such a success that since then it has taken place every year.

Since 2005, the days of the event has been increased from four to five days. Today, The Chelsea Flower Show receives a lot of publicity with more than a hundred thousand visitors coming each year. Because the venue cannot accommodate more people, the number of visitors are limited and all tickets must be purchased in advance.

What to Expect

Being a prestigious international event, The Chelsea Flower Show 2013 would become the stage for the world’s best experts in the field of horticulture to show their innovations and artistic ingenuity. With the presence of these experts, enthusiasts such as artists, businessmen and researchers will surely be present in this event. Horticulture is an art, science and business that are intended for plant cultivation for human use. Whether as art forms, landscape or for scientific innovation, this event would always entice the imagination and creativity of the participants and the attendants.

Being a garden show, it would also display several produces such as vegetables and several varieties of exquisite flowers. If you are gardening enthusiast or just someone with a knack for gardening, the latest trends in gardening, crop care, and imaginative masterpieces that blend both art and science would be too good to pass on. Every year there are new features and sights to feast your eyes upon so expect something new at next year’s Chelsea Flower Show 2013!

Travel Tips

It is important to consider travelling in public transportation because the parking lot would surely be filled and it is on a ‘first come first serve’ basis. There will a lot of walking involved so keep in mind to wear your most comfortable shoes. You need not bring any food because there will surely be plenty of food stalls around offering full course meals to salads, cakes as well as some wine and beer! After all, it’s a garden show so there will surely be food as you walk around and enjoy the sights during the Chelsea Flower Show 2013.

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