Chiang Mai Flower Festival 2013

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Chiang Mai Flower Festival 2013

When it happens: Early February(1st – 3rd February 2013)

Where it happens: Chiang Mai, Thailand


It is a fact of life that people make do with what they have in abundance. In Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, the Thai have flowers all around them come February. In fact, their horticultural abundance supports Thailand’s cut flower exports and industry.

The northern Thailand is home to the Lanna culture which is known for their artistic excellence and intricate craftsmanship (and millions of acres of rice fields), a talent they channel into the Chiang Mai Flower Festival 2013. It helps that the landscape is conducive to growing a vast collection of tropical and temperate flowers that are used as material for artistic creations. These flowers bloom from January to February, and transform the surroundings into a colourful and aromatic blanket of floral tapestry.

It is but natural then that the people would celebrate their traditions around this abundance by recreating them in sculptures to be paraded and celebrated around town. Thus, travellers can see orchids, chrysanthemums, roses, globe amaranth, chrysanthemum, marigolds and gladioli being clumped together to make structures of all imaginable shape and size. The most enterprising Thais even relive the ancient scriptures by telling their stories in flower sculptures!

The festival has remained a proud Lanna celebration for the last 34 years.

About the Event:

The Chiang Mai Flower Festival 2013 can easily be compared to Pasadena’s Rose Parade. But in the case of Thailand, they are not limited to roses and its family. As of last count, there were 222 varieties of flowers used in floats and decorations.

The floats, which are paraded around town, recount important segments of Lanna and Thai history, tell a story lifted from the scriptures, or are simply artistic floral renditions of temples and famous Thai structures, icons and figures. Each float has a representative for Miss Festival.

While the floats have their own irresistible appeal, the center of the festivities is the Suan Buak Haad Park. At any given time, the gardens burst with colors and scent, but on this occasion, the park is transformed into a dizzying palette of horticultural wonders.

The next festival is scheduled on February 1-3 at the Arrak Road in Chiang Mai.

Travel Tips:

After the festivities, head to other botanical gardens that abound in northern Thailand. The Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden focuses on the collection and conservation of rare species in the plant kingdom. It is a 2,600 acre heaven for the garden/nature lover or the green thumb.

For the orchid addict, orchidariums before the Queen Sirikit Park line Mae Sa Road: They can be a sensory overload. Because orchids are hybridized, they are not in danger of extinction and therefore are allowed for exports. Travellers will certainly experience ‘orchidelirium’ when choosing which of the 400 varieties to take home.

If travellers cannot make it to Pasadena, California, their next best bet is Chiang Mai Flower Festival 2013.

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