Chichen Itza Spring Equinox 2013

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A Rare Beauty You Should not Miss in Chichen Itza Spring Equinox

Chichen Itza Spring Equinox 2013

When it happens: March 20 2013
Where it happens:
Chichen Itza, Mexico


According to the chronicles of the Mayans, the ruler of Mayapan, Hunac Ceel, conquered Chichen Itza in the 13th century. It is believed that he prophesied his own rise in power. According to traditions, people who are thrown to the sacred well have the power of prophecy if they lived. It is also stated in the chronicles that there were no survivors during one of the ceremonies. However, Hunac Ceel dived into the well and prophesied his ascension after he survived.

Since then, it has remained as a place of pilgrimage. Another legend claims that the serpent-like light phenomenon is created by the rising and falling of the sunlight on the edge of the steps of pyramid. Then, Kukulkan the serpent is believed to wend its way down to the sacred well. Thus, the Chicheen Itza Spring Equinox is held.

About the Festival:

The Chicheen Itza Spring Equinox is held in Mexico to celebrate the unique phenomena of the snake. On March 20, you will see light and shadow snake movements that descend at the steps of the Castillo pyramid. During the festivals, a number of people visit to witness this exceptional occurrence.

This can be an experience of your lifetime. A number of religious groups gather to pray and appeal to the gods. You can patiently wait with other people as the sun shines through the clouds and see this one of a kind phenomenon. This is a truly interesting mixture of the history, architecture, and geometry of the Mayans. It is also a remarkable thought that people in 1500 BC can build such an enormous monument with great precision, calculating the time of the years when the darkness and daylight are equal. In general, the descent that happens around 4 in the afternoon. It usually takes 45 minutes for the feathered serpent to get down the Castillo pyramid. You can see the entire effect if there are no clouds.           

Travel tips:

You should remember some important tips when going to the Chicheen Itza Spring Equinox. First, you need to drink lots of bottled water, especially if you are not accustomed to the tropical heat. You can find a number of refreshment stands at the site to prevent the risk of dehydration. Another important tip is to avoid assuming that the actual price of what they sell is the price that vendors say. Oftentimes, only 1 peso or 1 dollar means 1 dollar or peso off. Do not be afraid to walk away because they will give you a better offer. Lastly, be sure to have cash in peso. Changing money is a bit difficult, especially during weekends.

Final Thoughts: The Chicheen Itza Spring Equinox is a unique celebration that you should not miss. It is a once in a lifetime event that you can proudly tell to those you know. This experience will not only leave you with an awe-inspiring picture, but it will strike through your heart.


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