Chinese New Year 2013

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Chinese New Year 2013-CNY2013-春节 2013chinese new year2 300x195 Chinese New Year 2013

When: Expected to fall on 10th February 2013

Where: All Over China and in countries and territories with sizable Chinese population

Major cities: Hong Kong,Macau, Taiwan, Singapore,Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mauritius,Philippines, Vietnam

Other Names: Spring Festival,Lunar New Year


The Chinese New Year 2013/CNY2013(Chun Jie/春节)-2013 is the most important and longest of traditional Chinese holidays. The Chinese celebrate their New Year based on a luni-solar calendar containing 29.5 days in a month which is why their New Year falls on a different day each year. The New Year is marked with the New Moon and ends on the Full Moon 15 days later. The last day of the Chinese New Year 2013/CNY2013 is called the Lantern Festival.

The Chinese emphasize their celebration of the event not only as a family affair among the living, but also as an occasion to honor their departed. In essence, the Chinese New Year 2013/CNY2013 is also a memorial of their ancestors and the sacrifices they did to lay the foundations of the family fortune.

In China, the literal translation of Chinese New Year is Spring Festival because the date coincides with the end of winter.
Zodiac Chinese Calendar 2013:Year of the DragonCSA Dragon logo normal Chinese New Year 2013

Chinese New Year symbolism: A red diamond-shaped fú characters (福 Meaning “blessings, happiness”)fu  Chinese New Year 2013

About the Event:

Similar to India, China and other territories with sizable Chinese population celebrate the most important of its occasions with regional variants because of the country’s sheer size. Next year, the celebrations start on February 10. Like Indians, the Chinese also believe in cleaning the house and sweeping out rubbish on the first day of the year to cleanse the house of ill-fortune and to pave the way for good luck. To invite good luck, the Chinese hang red-colored paper cuts on their windows and doors, wear new clothes, and eat sweet and sticky dishes to foster harmony and close ties in the family. The family then concludes the dinner on the eve of Chinese New Year with firecrackers to drive away negative elements and demonic spirits.

The following day, the children greet their elders and receive money in ‘ang pao’ or red envelopes. On the day of the Lachinese newyear traditions 300x199 Chinese New Year 2013ntern Festival, the children and their families parade on the streets at night with lighted lanterns.

To honor their ancestors, the Chinese burn incense at their ancestors’ burial grounds and offer food and prayers. The ancestors are also given a place of honor on the dinner table during the eve of the New Year celebration.

In the new year celebration they use many flowers,plants like plum blossom, kumquat, narcissus , bamboo ,sunflower ,eggplant ,chom mon plant for the decorations and you can find them on the nearby shops.

There will be Spring Festival Activities in Beijing this year
The Ditan (Temple of Earth) Temple Fair is one of the biggest temple fair in Beijing. This is also the 28th Ditan Temple Fair will be starting from January 15, to February 9 2013.It is a must watch for all the tourists during the CNY 2013 celebrations.

Travel Tips:

The Chinese New Year 2013/CNY2013 and the two days that come after it are national holidays (in mainland China). Expect that there will be festive dragon dances held in major thoroughfares and in Chinese towns or districts (in places other than the mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan).

Because the New Year is not complete without firecrackers, traveling at night in ‘Chinatown’ may be hazardous. In fact, in some other areas, not excluding mainland China, firecracker bans have been enforced on this thousand-year-old tradition because of the possible hazards it may cause.

Final Thoughts..

The Chinese celebrate their New Year with aplomb and ka-boom, so while it is extremely enjoyable to take part in the festivities, it is also wise to take precaution to prevent accidents from happening on a joyous occasion.

A very Warm and Hearty Chinese New Year 2013/CNY2013 wishes to all.!May this new year be a new beginning in your life.!

Best wishes from Nowholidays Team.!

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