Christmas 2012

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Christmas 2012 – a festival long-awaited

Undoubtedly, Christmas is the biggest and greatest religious event in the world, particularly in the western countries. People recommended it as the most charismatic event with the highest level of marketing and anticipation. As far as Christians are considered, the event is regarded as the most important holiday. As the name suggest, the day honors the birth of Jesus Christ.

Christmas reminds us the decorated trees, the mistletoes, and gifts from Santa Claus, the flashy and twinkling lights and various other sweets that makes the occasion as memorable one.The event is celebrated all over the world with variations. American and British ways of celebrating the Christmas have always been of great importance. Santa Clause, the popular character among the masses including people of all age, was originated from America. According to various studies, the character is based on Saint Nicholas.


It is widely accepted that during the 4th century AD, Christmas was an important event. Later on, Christianity became the official state religion of Roman Empire during the second half of the century. Still, the exact day of Christ’s birthday is not unknown. To avoid the pagan rituals and unite them with the new Christianity traditions, 25th December was chosen as the day of Christmas.  Before Christmas, the Romans celebrated a special holiday known as “Saturnalia”. The holiday that lasted of 7 days started on 17th December and ended on 25th December. At the end, the day was commemorated with Christian, while the gift giving is thought to be a part of the pagan ritual that still takes place.

Important Traditions

There are some traditions followed on the day. Some of these are:

  • Santa Claus:

As mentioned earlier, Santa Claus has been originally known as Saint Nicolas. He trails with the white beard, wears a red and white suit. Have rosy cheeks and flaxen curls with black boots. He was thought to be around from the fourth century till today. Santa Claus was born in Patara, earlier a part of Greece, bit nowadays it is located on the southern coast of Turkey.  The character is fairly popular with the poor as he brings delight to the poor masses. He throws gifts and sweets through the window for those poor people. It is believed that Santa enters home through chimney in the night before the Christmas and delivers gifts near the Christmas tree at home. Santa has become the favorite among the kids.

  • Stockings:

Another important celebration is opening the red stockings on the mornings of Christmases. These stockings are hung either at the end of beds or at fire places. Well there is a reason behind such activity. It is widely believed that in the earlier times, Santa Claus or Saint Nicholas three down three coins to three poor sisters at a home through the chimney. To dry these stockings, the sisters hung them above the fireplace. The Santa Claus saw these hung stockings and threw three bags of gold. The Gold ended up in the stockings. Similarly, many people repeat the feat to get the good luck so that they could make some striking.

  • Eating Turkey:

The meals of Christmas are pretty interesting and equally important at the same time. Apart from gifting the money and visiting families, eating a juicy turkey is an important event as well. It is so popular that people do not render Christmas as Christmas until they don’t eat a hearty meal of turkey. Nowadays, an approximate 10 million turkeys are eaten around the world.

Christmas 2012:

For the year 2012, Christmas will be celebrated on 25th December, 2012, on Tuesday. Huge gatherings and parties are expected all around the world.

Importance of Christmas:

Christmas has a deep significance with deeper emotions. All the Christians come on a common platform and celebrate the event with great zeal and happiness. Accordingly to each countries climate and culture, the festivals and occasions are celebrated in different ways. Christians exchange gifts with family members and relatives. The trees are decorated exquisitely. The individuals seek to lead their lives according to the teachings of Jesus.  The celebrations of Christmas are taken as value of relationships that is celebrated all over the world.

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