Christmas Markets Germany 2012

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Let Us Go Shopping at The Christmas Markets Germany

Christmas Markets Germany 2012:

When it happens: November & December 2012
Where it happens: All parts of Germany

Christmas Markets Germany is a street market distribution all around Germany during the Christmas celebration. It is call Weihnachtsmarkt in Germany and dates back to the late Middle Ages in the German-speaking part of Europe. These Christmas markets originated in several countries such as Germany, Austria, South Tyrol and Alsace. Today, a lot of other countries celebrate the festivities with Christmas Markets.


Christmas Markets Germany have various celebration around Germany. These markets are held in the cities of Augsburg, Dresden, Dortmund, Erfurt, Nuremberg, and Stuttgart and are popular tourist attractions. The history of Christmas markets date back to 1294 in Vienna with “December market” being the forerunner of the Christmas markets, the Bautzen Christmas market then followed in 1384. Then in 1434, the Dresden Christmas market, also known as the Striezelmarkt, was held. Now it attracts around 2 million visitors each year with over 250 stalls!

Things to Expect in Christmas Markets Germany

There will be a splendid air of festivity in Christmas Markets Germany.  As the most loved event in the whole world approaches, the streets are brightly lit all across Germany. Tinsels, little red bells, and a gorgeous star on top adorn the Christmas trees of all sizes. From extravagant but generous Christmas shopping sprees to professional and street entertainers, there will a lot of things to see on this unselfish joyous event known as Christmas. Other sights to behold are staged outdoor and indoor live Concerts ranging from a variety of genres like pop, rock, modern, classical and jazz.

Christmas is a year of spending  ̶  that is obviously without a doubt. Everyone would want to go and experience the Christmas Markets, where all around Germany is at their most visually vibrant  ̶  illuminated with colorful lights and looking like a winter wonderland at night.

Popular Sights, Tastes and Sounds

Popular scenes and item in this event include the Nativity Scene, carved nutcrackers, traditional Christmas cookies in the forms of soft gingerbread, candied toasted almonds, Eierpunsch or egg-based warm alcoholic drink, and many others. Stalls and other street vendors would fill the streets with food and goods and customers would also fill the streets. At opening nights, onlookers would welcome the “Christkind” or the young child Jesus, acted out by a local child.

Handmade crafts and several other native merchandises are abundant in several stalls and shops all over the Christmas Markets Germany. Open ski rinks and other exciting areas for activity would be available in several parts of Germany as there will be surely fun for everyone. Even in the Cathedrals you can hear exquisite sounds such as gospel and classical music, and since this is Germany, you can surely expect music of masterful quality!


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