Cologne Carnival 2013 Germany

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Bright Clothes and Smiles at the Cologne Carnival, Germany

Cologne Carnival 2013

When it happens: A week before Ash Wednesday(February 2013)

Where it happens: Cologne, Germany

About the Festival

            The Cologne Carnival, Germany is the answer of the country to Brazil’s Rio Carnival. It is often held in February when the Germans put a good show to prove that not only South Americans know how to party. The highlight of the carnival is a week before Ash Wednesday. The carnival opens at 11:11 AM and turns the city into a whirlwind of entertainment. This marks the beginning of the celebration which carries on for seven days.

Formal Germans let down their hair and celebrate this event through dancing, drinking, and singing. After the Cologne Carnival, Germany is a must-have fish day, so that is all that is served at restaurants and pubs. Although the party is officially over, your experience you will surely remember.

The Cologne Carnival, Germany is one of the most distinguished street parties of all time. It is a colourful celebration that attracts over a million people from around the world. You can visit some restaurants and pubs up to the early hours. You can feel the spirit of the carnival as it sways through the public squares, the streets, and even offices and houses. People enjoy this time to the fullest with drinking and dancing. You can also see processions in the streets that are organized by schools and locals where thousands of people flock to the streets to watch the show.

The processions are strikingly beautiful with all the bright colours of the costumes accompanied by the witty novel ideas of artists. Other things you will enjoy are the hundreds of horses, over 130 bands, and brightly-coloured dressed groups that pass through the streets. You can also join the people as they cheer on the streets and call out for sweets and flowers. You can even join in the dancing, eating and the merrymaking, making this the best time to visit Cologne.

Travel Tips

There are many events you will definitely enjoy all throughout the week of the Cologne Carnival, Germany. The kick off of the event is the Women’s Carnival held on the Thursday. This is the day for ladies to kiss any man they like after cutting off his tie. The next highlight is Rose Monday where you can watch dancers, floats, and marching bands parade down the streets as they throw toys, confetti and sweets to the audience. You will be amazed by the caricatured figures of famous personalities such as musicians in the elaborate floats. Thousands of Germans dress up and flock the streets every year just to watch this marvellous event. And on Shrove Tuesday, you can attend costume balls all over Germany.

So, to prepare for this fantastic weekend, put on bright-coloured clothes. You should also bring costumes for indoor events. If you are not the type to wear such fancy dresses, you can simply put red paper nose.

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