Copen Hagen Jazz Festival

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                                Jazz Po Polsku  Copen Hagen Jazz Festival

When: Copen Hagen Jazz festival is an event that takes place every year during the month of July. It takes tecopenhagen jazz 300x165 Copen Hagen Jazz Festivaln days from 6th to 15th

Where: The event takes place in the beautiful city of Denmark where Copen Hagen is the capital city in Northern Europe. The place has amusement parks including the oldest and it was at one time rated the best city in the world to live in. If you visit Copen Hagen, you can walk or take a bus. Some of the beautiful sites you may come across are the port of Nyhavn, Rosenberg castle among others. Theaters, museums and galleries are also a major attraction.


Music particularly Jazz is played there making it get its name. It is an occasion that has existed for many years .Those that get the chance to attend get acquainted with the traditional foods like smorrebrod and baked Danishes that are very common. It was founded in 1979 and has always taken place during the summer. Some of the jazz  musicians such as Wayne Shorter, John scofield,Randy Brecker,Tony Allen among others have the chance to entertain .The number of concert and performances held in the past years has reached 850.The event is attended by more than 250 thousand no matter the climate. Most of the performances and concerts are free. The performances take place in city parks, along streets, event centres, clubs   etc.

About The Event:

However, there are different people why people visit Copen Hagen. You must have a Denmark Visa which is given by the Denmark Embassy to visit and you have to finish filling the Denmark Visa requirements. It is important for travelers to comprehend the travel visa stamped in their passport. Passports should be applied early since they could take some time before processing. The name on the passport should be similar to that on the ticket. Get acquainted with the climatic conditions to establish the best type of clothes to bring along.

Ensure you have a map to guide you through your stay when you attend the Copen Hagen Jazz festival. Carry along your camera and master card in case you need money while there. Safety precautions should be considered to avoid falling prey of buglers. Avoid carrying expensive jewerelly while there to avoid being spotted. Money should not be put in one place so that in case you fall victim of a burglary you will at least have some left. Pack lightly and reduce your luggage. It is better to use one big bag than several small ones since you could loose them .Before you travel, it is imperative to make a hotel booking .Booking your flight earlier is advantageous since it helps you avoid the long queue in the airport that could lead to price hikes.

jazz1 Copen Hagen Jazz Festival

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If you are bearing a mindful of holidays why not attend the Copen Hagen Jazz festival and relax & enjoy yourself.!

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