Croatia Public Holidays 2012 Calendar

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Croatia calendar – 2012/Croatia Public Holidays 2012

New Year’s Day – like every calendar around the world this calendar also starts with the holiday. The holiday is observed to welcome the New Year people enjoy the day and hold special events on the day. The day is celebrated on 1st January every year and in 212 it is marked as 1st January 2012.

Epiphany – this day is a religious event and it is celebrated by all the communities. The day is known as commemoration of different communities and is celebrated on 6th January 2012.

Easter Sunday and Easter Monday – these are also the religious days and are termed as national holidays. People celebrate these days and remember the Jesus on this day. On this day special ceremonies are held and people wish each other. These are two consecutive days and are going to be observed on Sunday April 08 and Monday April 09.

Labour Day – this day is celebrated in the memory of the common labour, the lay man who has given many sacrifices for the social and economic development. It was basically originated from Italy and is going to be celebrated worldwide on 1st may 2012.

Corpus Christi – this is a sort of national event. Corpus Christi is the name of a city with a great history. The history is very old and informs the people that this city was established after many wars and heroic sacrifices. It is observed on Thursday 7th June 2012.

Anti-Fascist Struggle Day – long ago Croatia was captured by the German and Italian forces. Due to the sudden up rise of Croatian forces both these forces had to depart and this became the reason of the independence of modern Croatia. This marks the beginning of struggle for the freedom and is going to be observed on Friday 22 June 2012.

Statehood day – this is the day when Croatia became an independent state, as the name suggests that it is marked as the national day of independence. On this day the modern state of Croatia got independence from Yugoslavia. Every year it is celebrated on 25th august.

Victory Day –this is known as the thanks giving day and the day of Croatian defenders. It is national holiday observed throughout the country and in 2012 it is going to be celebrated on 5th august 2012.

Christmas – this is the religious and the most waited day for the whole Christian community. On this day special functions are held. People enjoy a lot and have a feast. There is lot of hustle and bustle on 25th December 2012. After this day Boxing Day is observed on 26th December 2012.

Beside these events there are many other national and religious events like All Saints’ Day , assumption of Mary, St. Stephens day and souls Halloween etc.


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