Darwin Beer Can Regatta

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Darwin Beer Can Regatta

When: July or August

Where: Darwin, Australiabeer can regatta 12 300x224 Darwin Beer Can Regatta


Darwin, on the (far) northern tip of Australia, may be removed from civilization, but they apparently have close ties with alcohol.The residents there are heavy beer consumers because of the steamy climate.In 1974, Cyclone Tracy (Darwin lies at the meeting point of cyclones) lashed out at Darwin and left in its wake gargantuan piles of empty beer cans. One worker came up with a solution on how to manage the overwhelming litter. Thus, the clean-up workers decided to make good use of the empty beer cans and transform them into water-borne vessels. The Combined Lions Clubs of Darwin organized a charity event around this collective recycling effort, and from then on, successfully raised funds that are donated to various institutions.

About the Event:

The Darwin Beer Can Regatta is held every year in July or August, depending on when the tides are propitious. The Mindil Beach plays host to this annual gathering of water-powered vessels, and this year, canoes, speedboats, and Viking warships are set to sail on July 15 2012 for this year event.

The race is scheduled as a whole day event, starting from 10AM until 5 PM. Even though the star of the show are discarded containers of adult beverages, the Beer Can Regatta is surprisingly well-attended by spectators of all ages. In an effort to enjoin families to take part in this affair, the regatta is open to children, but they will only use soft drink cans.

The excitement is not only on water. The festival has its own version of Henley-on-Todd Regatta (a boat race on dry riverbed in Northern Territory’s Alice Springs). On the beach, the aquaphobic can take part on Henley-on-Mindil where bottomless boats outdo each other.

There are also tugs-of-war, slalom events, and as weird as Beer Can Regatta sounds, thong-throwing. The Mindil Beach Markets are open until well into the night.

Darwin Beer Can Regatta 8 Darwin Beer Can Regatta

Travel Tips:

Darwin may be on the tip of the Australian continent, but it is well-positioned to accommodate travelers of all budgets.

It has robust tourist infrastructures and colorful history. Darwin is the meeting place of the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal, and the hub of ships bound for Southeast Asia. Because of its strategic location on this part of Australia, Darwin has attracted settlers of all colors and stripes. Today, it is home to 56 nationalities.

It helps to know the local dialect during regatta day: ‘thongs’ are not skimpy swimwear but flip-flops. A ‘stubbie’ is a 375 ml of beer, something you may want to leave behind on regatta day because the organizers do not allow BYOB.

Final Thoughts..

Darwin’s Beer Can Regatta is definitely a must-see when travelers are in the area. After all, it’s not every day that they get to watch floating cans outmaneuver each other.

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