Jaisalmer Desert Festival 2013

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Jaisalmer Desert Festival 2013

 When it happens: Late February(February 23 to 25)

Where it happens: Jaisalmer, State of Rajasthan, India


This Jaisalmer Desert Festival has been invented by the Tourism Development Corporation of Rajasthan to attract foreign tourists and has since become one of the most popular festivals in Rajasthan.

It gives tourists the opportunity to discover in 3 days as much as possible of the culture and traditions of the magnificent State of Rajasthan, for which they would normally need a lot more time.

About the Event:

The Jaisalmer Desert festival 2013 is held annually for 3 days in the month of February. It takes place about 42 km from the city of Jaisalmer, which is also called “the golden city” because of the golden sands of the Thar Desert that surrounds it.

The Jaisalmer Festival offers many activities for the whole family and is held during the wintertime, which ensures pleasant temperatures between 20 and 25 degree Celsius. Some of the activities that can be enjoyed at the festival are camel races, cultural dances, camel polo, folk music and many competitions. The most popular competitions are the Mr. Desert, the longest moustache contest, and a turban-tying competition. Many tourists enjoy taking pictures with the winners of the longest moustache competition, as a memento of their unique visit.

Other attractions one should not miss are the impressive Gair and Fire dancers. There are also hundreds of craft bazaars where tourists can purchase souvenirs such as handmade silver jewellery, camel leather items or traditionally embroidered textiles.

The children are not left out in the revelry: Puppet shows, dancers, ballads and snake charmers will enthral them.

The next Jaisalmer Desert Festival 2013 is scheduled on February 23 to 25 next year.

Travel Tips:

All of these exciting events take place at the Sam Sand Dunes about 25 miles from Jaisalmer, which can only be reached by SUV or by camel safari.

Other cultural landmarks to see while being in Jaisalmer are the Jaisalmer Fort, the Tazia Tower, the Jaisalmer Havelis and the Gadsisar Lake.

Since the Jaisalmer Desert Festival is arranged by the Tourism Development Corporation of Rajasthan, everything is specially arranged to fit the needs of foreign tourists, so travellers can expect comfortable accommodations and easy entry to the state.

There are mobile money exchangers available, while also nearly all shops accept payment by credit cards.

The nearest airport to Jaisalmer is in Jodhpur, so it is recommended to book the flight including the travel to Jaisalmer and an SUV ride to the Sam Sand Dunes during the Jaisalmer Festival 2013. Many agencies are offering whole travel packages for this Festival, so take time to compare them to find the best price.

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Where to stay during your travel to Rajasthan,

The Jaisalmer Desert Festival 2013 is unique in a sense that it is a secular or non-religious celebration in a country steeped in Hinduism and other religions. As such, it is an excellent opportunity to really enjoy the festivities without worrying about offending people of their religious rituals.

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