Dresden Music Festival 2013

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Get into the groove at the Dresden Music Festival 2013

When it happens:  May 11 – June 2, 2013

Where it happens: Dresden, Germany

The Dresden Music Festival is one of the most popular classical music festival that even tops the city’s cultural calendar. Dresden Music Festival 2013 will be held for two and half weeks like it usually held every year covering around 80 events. Every year, the Dresden Music Festival has been an important event for international soloists, orchestra players, and other classical musicians to showcase their skills and play their masterful compositions. Germany has its tradition and renown in classical music, and the long-lived tradition of the great operas, ballets, and epic music continues to live on today with this festival.


Back in the times of the Saxons, festivals have been a long tradition ever since in Dresden. The nobility loved tournaments, and other activities so much that music, song and dance played vital roles in such festivities. Dresden was also competitive when it comes to having “the most splendid court”. Because of this, they built halls and staged majestic gatherings. Another version of the origin came from a royal wedding in Dresden in which the celebration lasted for 28 days.

The first modern founding of the Dresden Music Festival took place in 1978. It took several years for the festival to gain more and more audience. However, there are no tournaments and great hunts included but something much more exciting and modern replaced them  ̶  magnificent fireworks and wonderful performances of timeless classical music. For more than 30 years of history, the Dresden Music Festival has established a unique cultural distinction from the rest of the world and has attracted thousands of audiences worldwide to this very city on the River Elbe. In this course of two and a half splendid weeks, the city will be filled from every nook with classical music and epic performances that this event is proud of.

What to Expect and Travel Tips

Dresden Music Festival 2013 will showcase and highlight new music as it has every year. New operas and performances will also be staged to give a ‘Fresh’ insight and feel to this yearly festivity. Beautiful palaces, gardens, theaters, and cathedrals will play host to the festival. With last year’s Dresden Music Festival being a booming success, registering its highest revenue in its entire history, surely the organizers and the performers are indubitably tasked to follow up the success in the Dresden Music Festival 2013. More than a million music lovers from all over the world will be expected.

What makes this festival unique and enjoyable is the freedom of guests to take part in the festival and choose their preferences from about 150 performances. Expect also only the best of the most premier of performers to be present in Dresden Music Festival 2013.

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