Duan Wu 2012 – the most awaited Duan Wu Festival

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Duan Wu 2012 – the most awaited Duan Wu Festival

In Asia, most of the regional calendars are based upon lunar calendar. The Arab calendar includes months like Shahwal, Ramadan etc. Similarly, the Hindi calendar contains months like Har, Jaith etc. These calendars comprise of 29, 30 or 31 days depending upon the movement of moon. Similarly the ancient Chinese also depend upon lunar calendar containing 29 or 30 days. And the current Chinese calendar is also based on that ancient one. On 5th day of 5th month according to their regional calendar, they organize a huge festival. Also on the day,   a public holiday is held in great China.


According to different stories related to this festival, this festival is organized in the memory of their great poet Qu Yuan. Qu Yuan was a minister during the period of King Zhou. He was a patriot and loved Chu very much. Once king decided to ally on increasingly power state of Qin. While discussed to Qu, he opposed this suggestion. Due to his opposition of alliances Qu was banished. During this period Qu started writing poetry. After some time Qin concurred the capital of Chu. This hit hardly on heart of Qin. And in this sorrow he attempted suicide on 5th day of 5th month of their regional calendar. He tied himself with a big rock and jumped in river.  The people of Chu loved him very much so after his death they set a tradition of thronging rice into the river for Qu Yuan considering him alive. They throw it after binding hardly in some cover. They thought that fishes will not eat his body due to throwing of rice. After years this festival gained more and more popularity among public and now people of other countries like Malaysia and Taiwan etc. also celebrate this festival.

There is another story attached to this festival. Some people say that this festival is organized in the memory of Wu Zixu who was loyal adviser of king Fuchai. They say that Wu was advised by the king to the disservice the kingdom. And later on Wu was forced by the king to attempt suicide. And as a consequence he attempted suicide on 5th day of 5th month. But this story neglects itself because Wu’s date of birth is not confirm, and the date of birth which is resembled to him shows him just of 12 years at the time of construction of Suzhou.

Hence the first story reflects more truth regarding the festival.

Holiday on 5th of 5th:

Some modern researches say that the holiday already existed before these stories and these stories were resembled only to make those holidays more valuable.

But in great China these holidays were not nationalized even after many years of Republic of China in 1949. In 2005 a summery was submitted to nationalize three holidays in which this was also included. Hence in 2008 Duan Wu Festival was given the status of public holiday.

Duan Wu Festival 2012:

This year Duan Wu Festival will be organized on Wednesday 23rd of June. Like all previous years it is expected to have dragon race, Chinese traditional food Zongzi will be served which will be wrapped in bamboo leaves but now it would be no more thrown in the river. And third is Chinese regular wine.

This festival will not only be celebrated in china but also in Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and many other countries.

Except the above three activities of festival there will be poetry competitions in different places as well, as Qu was the first renowned poet of Chinese poetry.

Large numbers of spectators from all over the country visit this festival for watching amazing dragon race.  Even all the river sides remain covered by spectators and this raises moral of the participants and they participate with more enthusiasm.

This year it is expected to break all the previous records in every prospect as participants are in practice for festival.

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