Dussehra Festival 2012 India

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Dussehra Festival 2012 India – The Festival of Good over Evil

                Dussehra Festival India is one of the best loved Hindu festivals celebrated in India. It marks the victory of the God Rama over the notorious king Ravana. After a long grueling battle, Rama rescued his consort Sita after Ravana’s defeat. Rama is the seventh avatar or reincarnation of the god Vishnu “The Preserver”, one of the Trimurti. With Vishnu as one of the supreme gods in Hinduism, it is not surprising such a glorious event is held either in his honor or one of his avatars.

The Dussehra Festival India is associated with King Rama, the hero of one of the two epics of India, the Ramayana. The festival honors Rama’s colossal war of epic proportions and ultimate triumph over Ravana and his allies to liberate his wife, Sita, from his clutches. Rama, aside from being an avatar of the popular god Vishnu, is a popular diety by himself. He is referred to within Hiduism as Maryada Purushottama, which either means ‘ The Perfect Man’, ‘The Lord of Virtue’, or ‘The Lord of Self Control’.

Expect a spectacular display of fireworks, lighting up the sky with amazing patterns and showers of light  ̶  symbolic of the victory of good over evil. After pageants and processions of the Dussehra Festival India, these fireworks are set and explosive displays of giant wood and paper effigies of the demon King Ravana and his sons are set on fire. With a massive crowd witnessing the burning of these effigies, this is the traditional act of burning evil. The event will be spectacularly barraged with an orgy of fireworks and the ‘burning of evil’.

Theatre performances, both amateur and pro, re-enact Rama’s battle and triumphant victory over Ravana. These are performed in every neighborhood. In some parts of India, however, several others perform fasting; some feast while some do both. In what the Hindus perceive as the perfect man, it is only fitting they celebrate such an occasion worthy of such as they seem fit.

What else to expect from Dussehra Festival India is a procession of idols, ritual sacrifices of animals, and of course, lots and lots of locally-brewed liquor to keep the revelry going and the worshippers and celebrators in high spirits. Aside from the awesome fireworks, food, liquor, and music, the parades makes the festival complete. The Dussehra Festival isn’t about a celebration of Rama’s victory over Ravana. It is a time of fun and rejoicing for the ultimate victory of all that is good over all that is evil. It doesn’t take one to be of Hindu faith to appreciate the event.This year Dussehra Festival is celebrated on 24th October 2012.

No matter which religion you worship, it is a universal theme for good to triumph over evil. So revel in the glory of the triumph of everything that is good with some dance, music, and of course, food and liquor!





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