Edinburgh Film Festival 2013

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International Film Excellence at the Edinburgh Film Festival 2013

When it happens: June 2013(date to be announced later)

Where it happens: Edinburgh, Scotland

The Edinburgh Film Festival 2013 will continue the world’s oldest continually running film festival. Usually held in the month of June of each year, the Edinburgh International Film Festival intends to present both UK and international movie premieres and to exhibit the work of film makers. The event is internationally important because of its role in introducing works of veterans and promising newcomers in the field of cinematography. It also raises the awareness of the quality of films and acting from several talents across the globe.


The first Edinburgh International Film Festival was a program of documentaries present by the Edinburgh Film Guild alongside the 1947 Edinburgh International Festival, an event that continues to take place every August each year. Both the Cannes and Venice film festivals were the most significant yearly film festivals at that time so the program sought to expand, including fiction films and experimental works to their programs. Since 2008, the festival changed its date from August to June.

The Edinburgh International Film Festival today shows a wider range of feature-length films and documentaries, even including animation films and music videos. There are juries that give awards to the most worthy of participants in a certain category. There are a lot of categories in the festival, showcasing not only UK films, but also films from other countries across the globe. Audiences are also given the chance to become the judges and vote for their favorite films and participants in a certain category.

What to Expect

Firstly, you need to prepare your early reservations and tickets. Considering this is an international event, there will be limited accommodation so you have to plan ahead. Don’t forget to dress up appropriately since you will be meeting renowned film directors, producers and acting talents from across the globe.

You could expect a lot of different genres and styles of acting from several both veteran and rookie actors and actresses in the Edinburgh Film Festival 2013. Films from several countries have their own distinctive style that defines the way they produce their films and reflects what kind of genre the audiences from where they are from want. Also expect a lot of unfamiliar and unconventional films which are products of experimental styles from their respective directors and producers. In the arts and crafts of cinematography, taking risks is part of the game and it is usually the successful risk-takers the ones reaping the fruits of their labor.

Edinburgh Film Festival 2013 is the place to find new talents and approaches in cinematography. If you’re a fan of several foreign and local films, you surely wouldn’t want to miss out on Edinburgh Film Festival 2013!

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