Escape Festival 2013

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Escape Festival 2013 – Escape to be Creative

When it happens: Around the third week of May 2013(Date yet to be confirmed)

Where it happens: Lake Resort, Naukuchiatal, Uttarakhand,India

The Escape Festival’s theme is mainly about escaping from daily routines and stress from reality to kick back and relax and give yourself some peace of mind. This festival offers the chance to escape the mundane routines of daily life and celebrate days away from mediocrity and the ordinary. Escape Festival 2013 will highlight art and music at the Lake Resort, where serenity and party would have to collaborate to give visitors an extraordinary experience that is enough to send them away to a journey away from the ordinary.


This event in organized by the Potheads, a music and arts event company. This was originally started by artists for artists in 2009 but the popularity has soars so high that it became famous to several other artistic communities to the point it has become such a huge event today. Escape Festival 2013 will feature more than 200 artists from various music, arts, and entertainment genres.

What to Expect

The three days of the extraordinary Escape Festival 2013 will be held in Naukuchiatal. It will feature artist from different fields such as photographers, musicians, painters, tattoo artists, craftsmen and graffiti artists coming from the local regions and some even from different places around the world. There will a film festival and flea market present on the event as well. This event is meant to allow everyone to explore his or her own free expression of art in several various forms.

The conducive venue will not only inspire the creativity of the attendants, but it would also help them find that peace of mind they wanted, escaping the shackles of the mundane and ordinary life routines. You would surely feel the comfort as you lay around the banks enjoying the breathtaking sceneries along with friends and family.

Travel Tips

It is important to pack light cotton clothes and bring some comfortable pair of shoes or other footwear. Because Naukuchiatal has good but limited accommodations, you need to book early. Public transportation is a standard way to reach Naukuchiatal and expect a long travel time so bring cool comfortable clothes with you as well as some light snacks on the way for the long trip.

For safety concerns, there will medical emergency services in the Lake Resort reception area. There will be safety staffs present to ensure that everyone is well accommodated and this is to handle any problems that may occur, only purchase at licensed and authorized vendors to ensure health and food safety.  Take note that safety and health concerns should not be neglected even if you wanted to escape from the ordinary. So enjoy the Escape Festival 2013 with care and fun!

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