Exit Music Festival Serbia

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Exit(State of Exit) Music Festival Serbia


Exit music festival Serbia is held on July1st to 4th In Serbia. exit music festival 300x189 Exit Music Festival Serbia


It is a musical extravaganza that goes on for four nights. It takes place in a castle that has a lot of big stages. Booking early is vital to get a comfortable place to stay. Exit is set near the Novi Sad Town near Danube River. It has been held annually since 2000.


Its grassroots is politics and is really enjoyed by many. Its founders were three university students from Novi Sad   town .Dusan, Bojan and Ivan using the student’s union faculty of technical sciences. Several companies and NGOs also have had a hand in its succession. A festival awards  held in UK brought together many festivals in Europe and the public all over the world had to vote for the best festival. Exit music festival Serbia won the best European festival .The festival has been visited by more than two million natives in more than 60 countries in the world. Big performers and stars in the world make the festival lively through out the night.

About The Fest:

The music starts after sunset. You can however enjoy yourself during the day at Danube River which is quite ideal for swimming. There are many rooms you can rest to stay during the festival period. You can use a train and travel across  the Panonian plain located in the eastern and central Europe.Novi Sad is its capital city that is industrialized making it  a financial centre. During the 19th centuary, it was nick named Serbian Athens .The festivals have contributed to the growth of the town.

Book Tickets:

You can very well book tickets in the official booking site given below,


Travel Tips:

If you are planning for a holiday around the month of July, It is important to guarantee you have attended the Exit Music festival Serbia and get four nights you will live to remember.Accomodation is readily available an what you need to do is book before .Before travelling, be aware of the climatic conditions in the town to determine the best clothes to carry. It is possible to use master cards or Visas to withdraw money. It is prudent to keep your money separately in case of a robbery. Use of expensive jewerelly is not prudent since it makes you a prey to thieves. Travel lightly and avoid a lot of bags that could make you tired or even loose luggage. It is better is you used one big bag.

Last minute rush is not the best since it can inconvenience you due to price hikes. It is also good to guarantee that your tickets name is the same on your passport .Plan months before your travel to guarantee everything is in good shape.

Final thoughts…

Visit other festivals in the world and see what they have to offer for a change this year. You are welcome in Serbia for the great event this year..!

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