Fernando de Noronha – Brazil

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Romantic Getaway in Fernando de Noronha – Brazil

            The Fernando de Noronha – Brazil is an archipelago with 21 islands and islets located in the Atlantic Ocean. The main island is 184 kilometres with a population of approximately 3,000. It is a special municipality that is considered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

You can reach the island by taking a cruise or plane from Recife, or Natal. Oftentimes, tourists are charged with a cheap environmental preservation fee as soon as they arrive at the Institute of Environmental and Renewable Natural Resources, or Ibama. The climate in the area is tropical, and has two distinct seasons. You may want to avoid travelling between the months of March and August because it is the rainy season and keeps you from enjoying the entire island.

About Fernando de Noronha

The islands of Fernando de Noronha – Brazil are the visible pieces of the submerged mountains. The main island makes up 91% of the total area and has a central upland called Quixaba. The island was enclosed in woods until the 19th century. It was cleared in order to prevent prisoners from buildings rafts to get out of the island.

At the present time, the island is predominantly covered with shrubs. Many of the plants in the islands are introduced by the people.The islands also have two prevalent birds. The Noronha Vireo and Noronha Elaenia are present in the main island. In addition, the race of eared Dove is also common in the area, along with the Sigmodontine rodent which is now extinct.

What to Expect

The main attraction of the island is the life below and above the sea. You can find albatrosses, dolphins, tortoises and several other species. The beaches are also a must-see in the island. Thus, they are consistently promoted for vacations and recreational diving. The visibility underwater can reach as deep as 50 meters. This is due to the South equatorial current. This current pushes warm water to the island from Africa, requiring no wetsuits even with depths of 30 to 40 meters.

Among other things you should not miss in Fernando de Noronha is the sunset. You will be amazed of how beautiful the entire island is as the sun waves to the sea. You should also visit Sancho Bay, the most beautiful beach in the island. The full moon rising from the ocean is also a sight to see. In some areas, the rocks are visible underwater because of the full moon.

There are many things to do in the island as well. You can go swimming, kayaking, diving, dolphin watching, buggy and boat tours, snorkelling, surfing, and trekking. If you are looking for a romantic vacation, then Fernando de Noronha beach  is the perfect place for you and your loved one!

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