Festa del Grillo 2013

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Feeling Lucky at the Festa del Grillo

Festa del Grillo 2013

When it happens: May 9th  2013

Where it happens: Florence, Italy


Festa del Grillo started way back to the time of festivities celebrating the arrival of Spring in May. As a symbol of good luck, young men give a live cricket to their beloved. There are a number of beliefs about the festival. According to popular belief, a twittering grillo or cricket can bring good luck since it is a symbol of spring. Thus, the festival is celebrated for its reverence. Another belief claims that a grillo was a harmful insect in rural areas. So, they must be reduced in number as much as possible. In this sense, the festival is celebrated to decrease the number of crickets.

About the Festival:

When Jesus ascended to heaven, the crowds in Florence gathered in Cascine Park along the banks of the Arno River. They celebrate the Festa del Grillo, popularly known as the Cricket Festival to mark the arrival of the Spring. During this day, you can see a lot of stall that sells thousand of crickets and other souvenirs. There are also musical performances that you can enjoy all throughout the day. You can also see children running from the parking bringing crickets in cages to hang at their windows. The people of Florence believe that if the cricks twitter, they will bring good luck to the household.

In the past decades, people used to catch crickets on their won. However, at the present time, they can be bought at the local fairs along with other souvenirs. You can buy the crickets in colourful tainted wood, wire cages or cane. They are often kept with a large lettuce leaf to serve as their food. However, this custom was not practiced anymore due to the regulation about the protection of animals against cruelty. The insects are now substituted with synthetic ones since they are prohibited to be sold. For good luck, you can buy ones with an electronic mechanism of producing a twittering sound.

Travel Tips:

Aside from the food in Festa del Grillo, you should not miss the gelato in Florence. When buying gelato, you will be asked if you want panna with your ice cream. Panna means cream. You can answer politely with Si! Three of the must-try flavours are Gelateria dei Neri, Gelateria Vivoli, and Grom. You can also find the best bars in Florence after attending the festival. Oltrarno and Santa Croce are two of the most amazing happy Hour bars. Cheap drinks are offered. Anotehr wonderful spot to mingle with the local is the II Rifrullo in San Niccolo.

Final Thoughts: The Festa del Grillo is a cheerful celebration of the customs of the people of Florence. It allows you to not only experience this lucky day, but also understand the norms of the locals. It also teaches you the importance of keeping the rights of animals without compromising the festival. It is the best time to enjoy the date with music and mouth-watering food.


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