Festival of Lights Berlin 2012

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festival of lights berlin 300x220 Festival of Lights Berlin 2012Festival of Lights, Berlin 2012 – A Night Time Fairytale Wonderland

The Festival of Lights is celebrated in Berlin every year. This year’s Festival of Lights, Berlin will be held between 10 to 21 October 2012 . During the nights of the week of this event, several landmarks and city structures, including boulevards, modern and historical buildings will be illuminated with lights. Locals and visitors alike will get an insight of Berlin’s historical and cultural fame with the Festival of Lights.

The city of Berlin is transformed into magical fairytale wonderland at night with around 50 landmarks illuminated with various colors in spectacular fashion. It is a truly magical sight to behold as tourists flock in the city to witness a fairytale spectacular come true. From sculptures, boulevards, concert halls, train stations, columns, radio towers, cathedrals to bridges, locals and tourists alike marvel at the extraordinary display of lights distributed all over the city.

What makes the Festival of Lights, Berlin distinct is that the organizers and the locals want to see a different face of the city. A city filled with brilliant and colorful lights as if like in a dream. The way they designed the patterns and decorations of colorful lights is an art. Average citizens and private companies sponsor such an extravagant event. More than 50 streets, historical landmarks and monuments are lit up each year. Several organizers even hold competition while some visitors can have their name and message shown on the lit up monuments.

Visitors and locals alike can even engage in photo competitions and see who gets the best pictures of the illuminated lights. There are plenty of angles and views to get the best pictures. Some can go on tours by boat, bus or bike so as to get the perfect glimpse of the illuminated night time wonderland come true.

Over a million people visitors go to Berlin every year to see the night magic for themselves. It’s a different feeling and experience to actually witness the event and the scenery than just read about it or see pictures or videos – the difference is like between watching a live stream concert on a computer and watching it live. Like the organizers would envision it, The Festival of Lights, Berlin is best seen with “open” and actual eyes in able to feel the magic.

The Festival of Lights, Berlin will, no doubt, be flooded with visitors and locals. From every corners of the city, there will be spectacular display of lights and some people themselves would wear illuminated clothing to get into the high spirits of the event. Fireworks will also light up the night sky as you lay your back on the ground and behold the magic before your eyes! You wouldn’t want to sleep and hope the magic never ends!



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