Frankfurt Book Fair 2012

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Books Galore at Frankfurt Book Fair 2012

The Frankfurt Book Fair 2012 will be held in October, as it is held every year. Publishers, booksellers, agents, authors, and even film producers come together to create something new. It is the most important event and marketplace for books and media, as well as rights and licenses. It is a place to grow businesses, expand bridges to the future and networks. Any book lover would find it serendipitous to come across the event while visiting Frankfurt.

The Frankfurt Book Fair’s history dates back to the fifteenth century, at the time of Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of the printing press and separately developed a movable type system in Europe. The movable type is the system of printing and typography that uses movable components to create elements of a document. Although the movable type system for printing was created in China and later followed by the first metal movable type system for printing in Korea, these were expensive. The thousand of characters used in Chinese writing made it difficult whereas the more limited number of characters needed for the European language made it more practical during Gutenberg’s time.

Frankfurt remained the central and undisputed European book fair city throughout the seventeenth century. However, during the course of political and cultural upheaval, Leipzig played the part in place of Frankfurt in the eighteenth century. After the war, Frankfurt returned to its place in 1949 and held the first post-war book fair in Frankfurt’s Paulskirche. Now, after several years since its re-establishment, the Frankfurt Book Fair 2012 will be the largest of its kind in the world, becoming a hallmark for global activities.

The Frankfurt Book Fair 2012 will stand out and will be the most significant event in the literary world like it always has. It will be a meeting place for authors, publishers, and media distributors and a venue of discussion of publishing rights and licensing fees. Over 90 countries will be involved on such a significant international event.

  Book lovers and enthusiasts would love to be part of the Frankfurt Book Fair 2012. Several book fans and book lovers all over the world would be waiting in extreme anticipation for updates such as new titles and pending works from their favorite authors. It is also the chance for the publishers and authors themselves to promote their current and upcoming works, kindling a spark of interests that would eventually gather more audience and readers.

The event is the perfect place to expand business networks and affiliations as well as a place to learn of important updates of the current trends and potentially bookseller titles. There will be a nominal admission fee to be able to enter the book fair but it’s a small amount to pay for the hardbound and softbound enthusiasts.


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