Freimarkt Bremen 2012

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Over the years of tradition and entertainment at The Freimarkt Bremen, Germany

When it happens: 19th October – 4th November 2012
Where it happens: Bremen, Germany

Freimarkt literally means as ‘Free Fair’ in German, and the event Freimarkt Bremen, Germany is the oldest fair in Germany. First held in 1035 in Bremen, Germany, it now has more than four million visitors per year. It is considered to be biggest festival in Northern Germany celebrated in the last two weeks of October for 17 days.

Freimarkt Bremen , Germany history started with the Emperor Conrad II granting the right to hold a fair to the Archbishop Bezelin in the year 1035. In 1404, the stone landmark known as ‘The Roland’ is erected in the city of Bremen. Frenz II, the last German Emperor, granted the Bremen merchants the right for the Freimarkt in 1793. This gave the merchants the right to decide when they want the celebration to take place.

Starting from the year 1800, the selling market transforms into an entertainment market after the introduction of carousels and swings. The period of Enlightenment freed the life and customs of traditional formality and has made major transformations to the Freimarkt. In 1809 the first carousel turns on the Freimarkt and is operated by restaurant owner, Wilhelm Pohlmann. Then from 1830 the Bremer Freimarkt evolves grander than ever as it develops into an attractive event, stretching out far beyond the borders of Bremen. The industrial revolution has reached its influence on Bremen and soon electric lamps illuminated the streets. And railways and transportation allowed easier access to the city.

From 1936 to modern times, the Freimarkt Bremen, Germany occasion gets a fixed location: on the Burgerweide, in the heart of Bremen. The event used to take place in different locations before. This fixed location made it easier for the organizers. It is convenient for visitors as well since this means that there is a sure place where the event would be held and need to look for it across Bremen.

The city of Bremen will be flooded by riots of fun and excitement during Freimarkt. The two-week long event will be one big party filled with street entertainment, nonstop music and dancing. Not to leave out on the occasion are, of course, foods and drinks! The carousel and other entertainment attractions would also cater to the needs of the children. Just remember not to party too hard whenever you bring kids with you – they would find it weird if they see their folks partying wilder than them!

Germany has its long and splendid history on beer and liquor so this is a great place to be when you want to party hard! A wild and fun celebration filled with plenty of booze with great food, music, and entertainment is very much fitting for The Freimarkt Bremen, Germany 2012, one of Germany’s most beloved and oldest festivities.

Expected Dates for the Freimarkt Bremen in the coming years are,

Freimarkt Bremen 2013 Dates – 18th October – 3rd November(Expected)
Freimarkt Bremen 2014 Dates – 17th October – 2nd November(Expected)

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