Friendship Day 2012

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Strengthening Bonds on Friendship Day 2012

            International Friendship Day is a day dedicated to friends. It has been celebrated in South American countries especially in Paraguay where it was first proposed in 1958. Initially, it was created by the greeting card industry in response to the goring popularity of social networking websites, particularly in Malaysia, Bangladesh, and India. One of the most popular traditions of this special day is giving of gifts such as wrist bands, cards, and flowers. The official date of the holiday is July 30 as declared by the General Assembly of the United Nations. However, some countries such as India celebrate this day on the first Sunday of August.

            If you are looking to celebrate with your closest friends, this August may be the perfect time for you to travel and bond. Spend quality time together and express your love for your friend/s by booking a flight to India. The people of India celebrate Friendship Day in a very big way. The festival is celebrated enthusiastically by youths especially the students. The idea of honouring your friends has caught the hearts of young ones. You can celebrate this day by being around your friends, reminiscing about the old times, and catching up with their lives.

In India, people hold parties and organize bashes for their friends to commemorate Friendship Day. A number of people can be seen in pubs and discotheques to drink and dance with their friends on fast pace music. You can also cherish the loving company of your friend by setting up a lovely dinner to exchange gifts and catch up. By joining in the parties, you will also have the chance to meet new friends and widen your circle of friendship. These parties and bashes are often held in big cities. But then again, small towns also organize parties to celebrate this day.

On the other hand, due to the growing popularity of Friendship Day to youths, a number of companies are taking advantage of commercialization. Days before the festival, you can find gift marketers luring people to buy gifts and cards for their friends. Even restaurateurs entice them through discounts and a chance to hold a bash. Although this is a form of excessive campaigning, no amount of money can equal the relationship that you and your friend have formed and strengthened. In fact, they have helped generate the awareness of having a day dedicated to friends.

If you are not fond of big expressions of love, perhaps cards, flowers or wrist bands may be enough rather than partying with your friends in India. Even a simple text message or phone call may sometimes be enough to let your friends know that you remember them on this special day.


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