Fringe Festival 2012, Edinburgh

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The World’s Best Performances in Fringe Festival, Edinburgh

            The Fringe festival, Edinburgh is the largest arts festival in the world. It was established in 1947 and takes place in the capital of Scotland in the month of August every year. It is a showcase for theatre, comedy, and other performing arts. Although dance and music are also presented, comedy and theatre are two of the most sought performances. The Fringe is also a festival with no judge. Thus, any type of performance can freely participate. Oftentimes, experimental works are showcased especially those that are not invited to a more conservative festival of arts.

In 2011, the Fringe Festival, Edinburgh sold 1, 877, 119 tickets. A number of people were able to witness 41,689 performances in 258 venues. 2,542 shows were performed in various venues. The whole festival took place for 25 days. The best thing about this festival is that there are also free shows aside from those paid programs bringing everything for everyone. This year, the Fringe festival will take place on August 3 to 27. As usual, free Fringe will be offered charge free to the public and no entry fees. Even performances are not charged. No doubt, it will be the thrill of thousands of spectators who will gather in historic venues and famous cobbled streets of Edinburgh.

If you are considering having a vacation, visit Scotland on August. You will surely not regret the experience for there are a lot of things for every one there. You can enjoy street performances and household names. In addition, you can take your whole family with you even your kids and they will never get bored. There are children shows, comedy, music and exhibitions that the entire family will surely enjoy.

The Fringe Festival, Edinburgh takes over the whole summer of the city with its art house venues and historic Royal mile. With the showcase events and groundbreaking performances, you will discover that every place and everything in Edinburgh can be turned into a venue during the festival. You will be amazed how an odd caravan, churches, restaurants, bars, and large theatres can turn into a set of entertainment.

Are you worried about the costs? Fret not, for there are a lot of excellent free Fringe shows. It is a spin off that reflects how rough it is for the entire family to at least have a day off work and school. The Fringe Festival, Edinburgh is a great place to find amazing entertainment while you give you wallet a little rest. So, on your next vacation, take time to experience a truly unique and remarkable festival. Witness the very art festival that launched the careers of famous celebrities such as Stephen Fry, Billy Conolly, Jude Law and Hugh Laurie.         


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