The Giant Omelette Festival USA

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Break an egg at The Giant Omelette Festival 2012 USA

When it happens: 3rd & 4th November 2012
Where it happens: Abbeville, Louisiana, USA

The glorious, fluffy, appetizing, and simply divine omelette, a dish made from beaten eggs quickly cooked with butter or oil in a frying pan. It is often folded to have fillings of a number of varieties such as cheese, vegetables, meat or ham, and several combinations of these. The fluffy texture is made by whole eggs or sometimes just egg white beaten with a small amount of milk, cream, or water. To have an even fluffier omelette, baking powders can be used but some traditionalists don’t favor their use. It is the bubbles produced by the water vapor trapped within the rapidly cooked egg that gives the omelette its light and fluffy texture. But how about when you go to Abbeville, Louisiana where they hold the yearly Giant Omelette Festival USA? That’s right, giant omelettes. And it’s not called ‘giant’ for nothing.

Origins of the Giant Omelette

The Giant Omelette Festival USA has its roots in the French town of Bessieres, the place where the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte once stopped for the night and ate an omelette he enjoyed so much that he ordered all the eggs in the town to be made into a giant omelette to feed his troops. The omelette then became a traditional feast for the locals most especially on Easter. The omelette also became a symbol of friendship known as Confrerie, which means ‘Brotherhood of the World’ for international fraternities as well as traditional and cultural exchange.

Thousands of Eggs

Yes, you got that right. Thousands of eggs will be usedin the Giant Omelette Festival USA. The festival uses about 5000 eggs. It is held in Abbeville’s Magdalen Square and is faithful to the town’s Cajun heritage. There will be street stalls that sell local art and handicrafts, plentiful of live entertainment filled with dance and music, a lot of local food and perhaps even some drunken revelry. Due to its origins, the festival will use up around 5000 eggs to produce an enormous omelette for the locals and guests to feast on. The actual making of the main attraction, the giant omelette, begins only after a ceremonial mass held in the St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church. A grand procession then follows towards the giant 12-foot skillet where the eggs are carried. The omelette itself is made in a giant frying pan using 6-ft paddles.

Recipe for the Giant

If you’re curious and interested in cooking your own gargantuan omelette for yourself, this giant fluffy morsel is made up of 5000 eggs, 52 lbs of butter, 50 lbs of onions, 4 gallons of chopped green onions, Louisiana Crawfish tails, spices, and several other ingredients  ̶  especially that smokin’ hot Tabasco pepper sauce.

World Wide Omelette Celebration

Seven countries celebrate the Giant Omelette Festival around the world. These are Dumbea, New Caledonia, Canada, Belgium, Argentina, USA, and of course Bessieres and Frejus of France. This year’s Giant Omelette Festival USA 2012 will be using 5028 eggs as a sign of friendship between the participating countries. And what’s more, the omelette is free and is given to anyone who’s around! So get your plates, forks and knives ready and don’t forget some sauce! Break an egg at this year’s Giant Omelette Festival USA!



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