Goa Carnival 2013

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Goa Carnival 2013

 When it happens: First half of February(9th – 12th February 2013)

Where it happens: The State of Goa, India


As to why a festivity with decidedly Christian influences and peppered with pagan practices came to India, which is the seat of old-age Hinduism, is a lesson in history spanning ages and crossing continents.

The Carnival in Goa was introduced by the Portuguese ruler before the Indian annexation of Goa in 1961. Because the Portuguese themselves were influenced by Roman and Greek cultures from which the concept of Lent came, they inevitably brought their beliefs and festivities when they landed on the Indian subcontinent.

The Carnival therefore dates back almost 500 years, yet it is still celebrated today and more popular than ever.  At its beginning, the Goa Carnival has mostly been celebrated by the local population, while nowadays it attracts many tourists too. The Carnival is traditionally linked to Christianity, but these days, people of all religions and races celebrate it.

It is celebrated every year before the Christian period of Lent, in the spirit of unrestrained merrymaking, which is approved behaviour before a month-long abstinence and adherence to strict religious codes.

About the Carnival:

The Goa Carnival 2013 takes place in the whole state of Goa in India. While there are many celebrations in the different cities of Goa, the largest celebrations take place in Panaji. The Carnival is held every year for 3 days before the time of the Christian Lent. Next year,  it will be from February 9 to 12.

The festivities include large and colourful parades through the State. The biggest parade leads through Panaji and is led by “King Momo“. Every year another person is chosen to be “King Momo” during the Goa Carnival; King Momo being the ‘King of Chaos.’ His slogan is “‘khaa, and piye majja kar” which means as much as “eat and drink be merry and so it be! “ The colourful and magnificent parades with their beautiful and exotic dancers are always the main attraction of the Carnival.

Another breath-taking landmark of the Goa Carnival is the Red and Black Dance, which is held every year by the Clube Nacional in Panaji.

The Goa Carnival 2013 is of course complete with wanton celebrations like street dancing, parades and processions, riotous music and miles of food stalls for tourists to sample local cuisine.

Travel Tips:

You should book your hotel and your flights a few months in advance, as it is most likely that the hotels will be booked out if you book too late!

The Goa Carnival 2013 is mostly adults only, although there were children seen participating in the street parades in late 20th century. In any case, the Carnival is an opportunity to let loose and purge the stresses of modern living.


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Where to stay during your travel to Goa,

The Goa Carnival 2013 is one of the world’s most interesting and biggest carnivals. It is held every year before Lent and gives travelers the opportunity to experience India and its regional flavors.

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