Hellfest 2013

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Rock Hard at Hellfest 2013, France

When it happens: June 21 -23 2013

Where it happens: Clisson, Pays de la Loire, western France

Hellfest 2013, France will surely be another “extreme music festival” attraction of the year. Hellfest is a yearly music festival taking place in Clisson, France. Held within the Val de Moine sports complex, the event will feature several varieties rock music including heavy metal, hard rock, and hardcore rock.


Hellfest is the successor of the Fury Fest festival which was held during 2002 and 2003 in Clisson and Nantes respectively then in Le Mans during 2004 and 2005. In June 2009, religious groups and other committees asked several festival sponsors to withdraw support from the festival. A few days later, Coca Cola announced their withdrawn support for the festival. In 2010, French Politics also tackled the matter regarding this event, weighing moral and ethical issues concerned. Because of the satanic nature of hard rock music and other associated and closely related genres, it is not surprising that politicians use these for their benefit and disadvantage of their political opponents.

What to expect

What to expect the most during Hellfest 2013, France would be your favorite rock bands and artists from all over the world! From Marilyn Manson, Scorpions, Guns and Roses, Ozzy Osbourne and KISS, you will find these famed rockers in one place and they will rock your world. As for presentation, you can expect sizzling pyrotechnics and wicked choreography and ear-stinging delightful hardcore music from each performance. Stages will be on fire, literally, and crowds will be rocked. Hellfest 2013, France will also showcase different styles of the same genres. Some popular bands set their definitive style with brutal elegance to their groove and those violent random screams in between lyrics has that kind of appeal to several fans.

Due to the nature of hard rock music and other closely related genres, you need to have nerves of steel and make sure that it will not conflict with whatever personal religious conviction you have. And, obviously, it is not advisable to bring your minor kids with you as the nature of the concerts can be pretty disturbing.

Hellfest 2013 Tickets:

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Where to Stay in Clisson when you attend the Hellfest 2013:   

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Travel Tips

Before anything else, you must book your tickets and reservations early because of the limited number of tickets. You will need tents to set up in the campsite to spend the night. As for food, you will be allowed to bring your own food but you may also go to the bars and food stalls located to areas dedicated to partying and catering. Take not, however, that it is not allowed to enter the concert area with your own drinks.

Hellfest 2013, France will surely be a bomb so make sure you reserve your tickets early so you can rock on with your favorite hard rock bands and artists!


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