Hi Seoul Festival 2012-하이서울페스티벌 2012

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Hi Seoul Festival 2012-하이서울페스티벌 2012

When: Start of the Season All Year-Long

 Where: Seoul, Korea



South Korea can be expected to make a festival out of even ordinary things. So it is no surprise that they would be celebrating features of the country’s capital city in a 4-part line up of activities all throughout the seasons.

Based on the ‘Seoul Citizens’ Day” to commemorate the 600th anniversary of the city as the country’s capital, the Hi Seoul Festival 2012 aims to celebrate everything related about the city’s customs, history, cultural diversity and salient points, like the Han River. This gives wide berth for ‘themes’ that have been experimented on since its inception in 2003.


About the Event:

Hi Seoul Festival 2012 is celebrated at the start of each season. Each one has distinctive themes, and these themes in turn are determined according to the over-all theme set for the year.

In spring, Hi Seoul Festival 2012 is usually held in May with the theme ‘palace.’ This is the time of year that performance artists take to the stage or the streets for parades and events culminating in the Gyeongbok Palace. The aim of this festival is to reconcile the ancient traditions of Seoul with her tech-savvy potential.

In summer, tourists and locals alike flock to the mighty Han River to celebrate how it shaped the city’s past and how it is shaping the city now and in the future. Waterborne activities, art displays and concerts are the big draws of the ‘Hangang’ Festival held in July or early August.

In fall, the focus of the festival is on the city’s arts scene. Art markets and concerts entertain the crowd as the Seoulites brace for long and brutish winters when October comes around.

In winter, the city dwellers’ dreary spirits are uplifted by brilliant displays of light performed in various stages from mid-December to mid-January. Ice-skating rinks are also the focal points of activities aside from the Light Shows.

The exact dates of the next festivities are yet to be posted on the website.


 Travel tips:

South Korea’s climate can be on the extremes. Summer can be sweltering and muggy, whereas winters can be downright cold. If there is any consolation, travelers can take advantage of SK’s picture-perfect spring and fall.

When staying at a traditional guest house, do not expect to sleep on a bed. Guests take to the floors with thin mattress to sleep on.

Seoul residents flock to the hiking trails and ice-rinks (and any other parks open to the public for that matter) on weekends, all 10 million of them it seems. So the best days to go to these open spaces are on weekdays.

Final Thoughts:

Missing one celebration in Hi Seoul Festival 2012 is not a problem. There are always options for the tourist to get there next season.

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